Christmas TAG

After my Winter Tag I decided I wanted to do some more TAGs for this time of the year, so here is my Christmas Tag.


Santa Claus is coming to town....

It's now officially December and with it it has brought the mad christmas songs, the wacky decorations (how do you like my christmas banner?) and traditions as well as the bloggers christmas wish lists making their rounds once again and I thought it was about time I joined them! I haven't got a lot on my Christmas wish list this year as I am fortunate enough to be going to New York for the New Year (OMG! I'm so excited! and I just can't hide it!) so as its such a treat won't be getting much for Christmas this year apart from spending money. But I can still lust after products right?

Winter Tag

Seeing as it's getting extremely cold at the moment in England I thought it was the perfect excuse to grab a hot chocolate, light a few candles and snuggle up on my bed to do the Winter Tag. (I just googled the tag to find the questions)


Wishlist - Books

Like I said in my previous DVD wishlist I have been really motivated to write wishlists so here's another one for you all. This week it's a book wishlist and I am an avid bookworm and proud to be one! I currently have about 4 books on the go (2 for sixth form and 2 for my own enjoyment) and enjoying all of them. I might even start doing some book reviews again once I've done all of the posts I've planned to do, If you'd be interested in that please leave a comment in the comments section below.  So enough ramblings (I really ought to stop doing that) from me now...

1 Amazon £11 - 2 Amazon £3.49 - 3 Amazon £5.75 - 4 Amazon £2.79 - 5 Amazon £3.86 - 6 Amazon £4.82 - 7 Amazon £3.86 - 8  Amazon £5.03 - 9 Amazon £3.85

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

Today I'd thought I'd show how I clean my make-up brushes. I did put off this post because I've seen so many out there but then I thought what's one more? So here's how I clean my make up brushes...

Collective Haul

Oopsy...I've been shopping again. Luckily this haul has been acquired over the last few months so it lessens the blow...just a little bit anyway.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - Cath Kidston Make Up Bag - Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

Back to School - School Bag Essentials

As I said in my make-up bag essentials post I was going to do another post based on all the miscellaneous essentials which don't quite fit under the make-up branch. Most of these aren't all essentials but most come in handy at one time or another.

Back to School - Make Up Bag Essentials

Everyone, whether you're going back to school or not, has some form of a make-up bag inside their school bag/handbag. Seeing as it's the Back to School season I have decided to do a make-up bag essentials post hence you reading this. This is solely going to include make up and other beauty essentials will be featured in a school bag essentials post which will be going up shortly.

Now everyone is different and every school is different. I know that some schools are relatively strict on how much make-up you can wear whereas others aren't really bothered. So this post will be tailored for the bear basics one will need at school but I will feature a few extras you can choose to add if you wish.

Wishlist - DVDs

I currently am really motivated to be doing wishlists (so expect to see a lot from me in the next couple of weeks!) and seeing as I have an Amazon wishlist with 77 DVDs on it alone I thought I'd share a few of my DVD lusts with you all. The DVDs people watch I personally think gives a real insight into their personality and normally a side not everyone gets to see in their day to day life. Okay, so enough ramblings...

1 Play £9.99 - 2 Amazon £3 - 3 Amazon £4.25 - 4 Amazon £4 - 5 Amazon £3.72 - 6 Amazon £45.37 - 7 Amazon £3 - 8  Play £4.58

Back to School - School Bag Guide

Well we all know the importance of a good bag especially when going back to school, not only do you want to have a bag that can hold of your textbooks, school essentials, make up and most importantly look good and whilst not breaking the bank in the process! Sometimes that can be easier said then done so today I am here to offer my helping hand in finding you your perfect back to school bag whether it be that you're just starting Secondary School (or High School if you're not from the UK), College or Sixth Form or even University.

Why not go a bit old school with the traditional but now fashionable backpack?

What's Coming Up...

Okay, so I haven't blogged in two months...I know its bad but long story short I have been feeling really unmotivated with everything. My life, social life, my family, school, and blogging. So decided to take a break to try and find myself. It's been going well and is still an ongoing problem but I'm working on it. This break from blogging has taught me how I want my blog to be, to look, to sound like and what I want it to feature. I did think about rebranding it completely with a new name, new look, but that takes time so for now I just want to focus on not blogging halfheartedly before making any darastic changes which I might later come to regret.

So enough about me and my shambles of a life and what you all want to know, what's coming up next for my blog...

Lifestyle | My First A-Level Year Picture Summary

 I thought alongside my post about my AS exams summary (which you can read here) I would do a picture summary of my thoughts and feelings of my first year of A-Levels.

My A-Level Experience - Year One

As many of you know after I finished my GCSEs last year I decided to carry on to do my A-Levels at Sixth Form. Well, I have now finished all my first a-level exams (which if didn't know the first year is called AS and the second year A2) and thought I'd share my experience so far with all of you (well, those of you who care).

After getting my GCSE results I decided I wanted to do 4 AS levels: history, spanish, english literature and sociology, which I then started in September. I thought I'd structure this post based on each subject I chose and my individual experience with each subject (as they were all different). So if I was you I'd get a cup of coffee or tea and get ready to sit down to read a rather long and wordy post.

June's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is...

The Truth About Vaseline

monthly non-beauty favourites: may

I've only just realised I haven't done a non-beauty monthly favourite post since February! (whoops!) But never mind I'm back with a new non-beauty monthly favourite post with some rather random favourites so I hope you enjoy...

monthly beauty favourites: may

If you've read my recent update post (which you can read here) I was planning on doing an April monthly favourites but due to exams and life getting in the way I struggled to be able to sit down take pictures, edit photos and write a post (sorry about that!). But I'm back better then ever and have got a lot of post ideas for the near future and I'm starting that off today with my May Monthly Beauty Favourites.


May's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is...

A Beneficial Way of Applying Eye Cream 

Update and Chit Chat

It seems like forever since I've actually sat down and wrote a post and this post today is going to try to explain why, so go grab a coffee and get ready to settle down to a rather rambly update post (is there any other way?)

First of I haven't done a proper, proper post since my birthday post (which you can read here) on 4th April, I was planning on getting a birthday haul post up the following week but due to a lot of things I didn't get a chance to photograph any of my presents  but it is up now and you can read it here.

Birthday Haul!

I know this is a bit late (more like a month!) seeing as my birthday was on the 4th April but better late then never, ey? There are a lot of reasons for the lack of posts on my blog recently but an update post will be up very soon. I 'm doing it quite differently by just posting pictures rather than words, so tell me if you like it, if you want me to do a wordy one or reviews then comment on my requests page which you can find here

April's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is...

Face Masks Timings

It's My Birthday!

If you haven't already guessed it's my 17th Birthday today (4th April) and I though it would be nice to do a little update for y'all.

(Source: WeHeartIt)

Birthday Wishlist

If you have been following me for a while you will know it's my 17th birthday next week (8 days to be exact!) and so its about time for me to do a birthday wishlist. I am not expecting a lot for my birthday as I have mainly asked for money for driving lessons and all that goes with driving (provisional, theory, test etc.) so haven't asked for much and most of this I will probably end up getting with some extra money I have recently saved.

March's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is...

Oily Eye Lid Fixer

Review | Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara

"No lash can escape! Scandalous volume, no clumps!"

Haul | Boots, Superdrug, New Look & More

On Friday I decided to go shopping which was helped by the fact I had just been paid - (not so good for my bank balance but good for all you lot as you get a haul post) I didn't go mad as I did manage to restrain myself (well at some parts anyway) so not a very big haul from me today. I haven't done a haul in ages as I forget what I buy or put it all away so a treat for you all today.

February's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is...

Gloopy Nail Varnish Fix

Monthly Non-Beauty Favourites | January

First is going to hopefully be the first of many non-beauty favourites, which will be where I can add all my random non-beauty related monthly favourites. It will only be a small post each month but a nice little addition to my blog. 

Monthly Beauty Favourites | January

First favourites of 2013! I haven't done one of these in a while as I haven't really been liking anything new and was trying to use up a lot of 'unloved' products before Christmas but since Christmas a lot of my presents have already found themselves into my daily routines.

January's Beauty Tip

As the new year rolls around so does the typical new year resolutions, so I thought I would help you all wih just a basic, easy beauty tip that is easy to stick to and hopefully you won't all give up on after the second day.

This months beauty tip is