2016 Life Goals

It's New Year's Eve and like many I have decided to view the new year with a fresh mind, drawing a line under the last year. I'm not going to lie and say last year was crappy as 2015 was a pretty good year for me. I got a new car, I passed my first year of university, I joined slimming world and lost over a stone, I made some new friends at university, got closer to those who were good for me and drifted from those who weren't adding anything to my life and if anything were a bit toxic, but all in all 2015 was a good year. Yes, there were some rough times but looking back there are so many highs in my life last year and I definitely want those to continue for the next year. I am doing a whole post related to my blogging goals for 2016 as I think that deserves a post on its own but this post is going to be all about my personal life goals for 2016.

So, where do I begin?

Handbag Heroes

I often see people do What's in my Bag posts/videos and even though you can see what they keep in their bag the things I am often interested in are the beauty products they keep in there. So today I am doing a post dedicated to those beauty products that are in any one of my handbags, my Handbag Heroes.

Slimming World Update #4

Another month draws to an end so another Slimming World Update is upon us. This month has been really weird for me, weeks where I thought I would lose I gained and weeks when I thought I'd lose I gained. My body must just be having one of those moments. Now Christmas is past us (seriously it went by way too quickly!) I am going to be back on the Slimming World bandwagon with a vengeance but until there read further to see how I got on in December.

 Wednesday 2nd December 2015 // I was fed up of gaining and maintaining so gave myself a kick up the bum and started my very own Slimming World Instagram account, my username is @paiges_sw_journey and I post all of my meals and snacks on there. I found it really helped to keep my on track and it did and I lost 3.5 lbs in one week, all I had gained last month and more. So happy and proud of myself.

Wednesday 9th December 2015 // A week of being good again however, I had assignment deadlines and as it was the last time I would see my course mates for the year we went out for dinner to celebrate. We went to Pizza Express and I had a main, dessert and a Bailey's coffee all within my daily allowance. We then went out for Cocktails and it all went a bit downhill so I wasn't surprised to see a 0.5 lb gain, but after such a big loss the week before I could deal with that.

Wednesday 16th December // A bad week kind of. After last weeks weigh in I went out as it was my last night out in Oxford before coming home for Christmas and I consumed a lot of alcohol (mainly tequila) and a lot of crap food. I felt bad and guilty so had a few Syn free days then I went to London with my mum for a night from Sunday to Monday. We both said we didn't want to go completely off the bandwagon but still wanted to enjoy ourselves so we tried to make some good choices but I wasn't sure it would be enough. I also started going to a gym at home to mainly swim as I wanted to get a bit more toned and go swimming as I loved swimming as a child so hopefully that will help. I somehow managed to lose 1lb this week and I honestly don't know how, I can only think its because the amount of walking we did in London, but I'll take it and be happy with it. 

Monday 21st December // Weighed in on a Monday today as that's the group I go to usually when I'm at home. I was expecting a gain so wanted to weigh in a couple of days earlier to catch it in the bud so then I could get back on plan. Inevitably I did gain but only 0.5 lb and I was expecting a bigger gain. I think its because I've been going swimming lots, which I'm really enjoying but being at work didn't help when I was getting crap breaks so was getting hungry and then they were handing out free chocolate so my will power went out of the window. Next weigh in is after Christmas and I so want a loss, so praying I can food optimise to the best of my ability even with a couple of nights out and obviously Christmas Day thrown into the mix. Now just to see what next week brings.

Monday 28th December // The dreaded post Christmas Weigh In. I was dreading this, I didn't eat too  bad and did food optimise but on Christmas and Boxing Day I was nibbling on chocolate and eating things I shouldn't. So it was a massive surprise when I stood on the scales and had lost 1 lb! I am so happy and just need to get back on it and hopefully have a loss again next week too! 2016 will be the year I will finally be happy with my body!

So that is my last Slimming World post for 2015! I can't believe I have stuck to it so well and have lost a total 1 Stone 5 1/2 lbs! I am so over the moon and despite not being anywhere near where I want to be I know I'm on the right track to achieve my target in 2016! I will be continuing these posts in the new year and I do want to venture out and do more Slimming World posts as it is a complete part of my life now. 

I know the New Year brings people in the new mind set of a healthier/slimmer version of yourself, if any of you are interested in joining Slimming World I would 100% recommend it! My mum, who joined at the same time as me has just hit her target and has lost over 3 Stone since July and it is so so easy!

Do you do Slimming World? How is your journey going so far?

The Christmas Tag 2015

Well it's Christmas Eve and there's nothing I thought that would be more suitable than posting the Christmas Tag on my blog! I love this time of year and Christmas time (especially as it means I get seven weeks off from university!) and thought it was only right to do one variation of The Christmas Tag on my blog.

001 What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
The Santa Clause movies are my favourite with Tim Allen in them. It's not Christmas until I've watched all of those (there's three films in the series) I also love Christmas with the Kranks again it has Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. Such a feel good funny Christmas film. I have done a whole post on my Favourite Christmas Films though which you can read here.

002 Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas morning! I've never understood people who open their presents on Christmas Eve. We get presents from the Christmas Tree (aka my grandparents) and we usually open those in the afternoon or on Boxing Day if we go down and see all of our family.

003 Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
Christmas memories for me are so special but as it is only one day out of the year the amount of times it gets pushed to the side. My favourite memory probably has to be a couple of years ago when it was just myself, my Dad, my Mum and my sister and we just vegged out in front of the TV all day, ate so much food and slept a lot but I just cherish family time and that was the perfect day. Even though last year was quite funny my Mum got rather drunk on Christmas Eve so was a bit hungover on Christmas Day which was so funny to watch, I had to be the parent of the day for her!

004 Favourite festive food?
Chocolate log! I know they do it all year round in variations but its the best thing to eat at Christmas and as I don't like Christmas pudding this is my alternative. Also any of the tubs of chocolate they have out at Christmas are the best. We open them a couple of days before Christmas and they never last long but are just great (and very unhealthy, so against my Slimming World diet, oops!) to pick at.

005 Favourite Christmas gift?
I've had so many amazing gifts over the years and there isn't one which I can think as being my favourite! I am just really grateful for all I receive and love them all!

006 Favourite Christmas scent?
I love all things sweet, cakes and all that but I also love the typical Christmas scents. Candles wise I love Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane and Yankee Candle Christmas Eve they just scream Christmas to me!

007 Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
On Christmas Eve, ever since I can remember, theres a group of about five families and we all go out for dinner to a pub and its just great. I've grown up with these people and they are like a second family and just having the tradition  of going out every Christmas Eve and often end up getting in on Christmas Day. It's got a bit worse the last couple of years though as the kids have grown up most of us are over 18 years old so it usually ends up into an early meal then just getting drunk off wine and Baileys, don't regret a single thing.

008 What tops your tree?
We've only ever had a star top our tree, well as far as I can remember anyway! 

009 As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
A dog. From about 7 I was always asking for a puppy and always got cuddly toys that were dogs but never an actual dog. We do have two dogs now, so I guess I kind of did get what I wanted but they weren't specifically a gift for me and we didn't get either of them at Christmas time.

010 Whats the best part about Christmas for you?
It's the family time, I just love it, especially now I'm at university its the first time since September when we literally don't have to do anything and can just all hang out together. I really appreciate family time so much more now I'm at University and Christmas is just such a great time for me now. 

I really enjoyed writing this tag post and really got me into the Christmas Spirit and I cannot believe its Christmas Day tomorrow! I  really don't want it to be over this year I've had such an amazing few months leading up to Christmas but I cannot wait to give all of my loved ones their Christmas presents tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

Have an amazing day tomorrow no matter what you do!

Yankee Candle Haul

I have recently found myself picking up quite a lot of Yankee Candle Votives espciecally when I am in supermarkets as they have unusual scents and I particular love the Yankee Candle Simply Home range and they are ever slightly cheaper too! I thought as I bought quite a few festive scents that I would share them in a haul with you all!

Raspberry Sundae
This I bought a couple of, it smells really nice in solid form but when I've burnt it it doesn't seem to kick off too much scent, which is really disappointing. I'm not sure if it was just me but I was looking forward to a berry sweet scent that would make my room just smell amazing and this just didn't cut it for me.

Apple Crumble
This one smells amazing as well, it makes my room smell so festive and so good. Despite these all being small in size they do kick off a lot of scent. It just smells just like Apple Crumble and is so nice. 

Candy Cane Forest
One of my all time favourite Yankee Candle scents is the Candy Cane Lane scent as it smells just like Candy Canes, peppermint goodness. I haven't yet burnt these as I've been saving them to use but I cannot wait as these I can already tell are going to be my new favourite.

Christmas Treats
So I couldn't buy a load of Yankee Candles without buying a really Christmas-sy one, these one is so sweet. I usually opt for sweeter scents in candles,  and this does not disappoint, it smells just like Christmas should sweet, but not too sweet and just happiness.

Toasted Marshmallow
This one I gifted to my sister as it is really similar to the Fireside Treats scent which she loves. Its also a sweet scent but also has the side of burning but in a good way. It smells just as though you were making smores, perfect for the colder months.

I love buying candles and should definitely do more related posts in the future, maybe that will be something in my blog goals for 2016? What are you favourite candle scents?

My 2015 Christmas Wishlist!

In less than a week it will be a Christmas! Seriously this month, no this year, has gone by way too quickly for my liking but I am looking forward to starting 2016 and saying goodbye to 2015. I feel as though 2016 is going to be a good year for me and I cannot wait to see what it will bring. But before I get too ahead of myself we need to get through the rest of the month first. Seeing as Christmas is literally just around the corner I thought I ought to share what I'm lusting after this year.

Favourite Christmas Songs

Christmas is 8 days away people, 8 days!! Seeing as it is so close I have been listening to Christmas songs non stop including programming Smooth Xmas into my car, which is driving all my passengers  insane but I am loving it! As I have been listening to Christmas songs so much I thought I'd share my all time favourite Christmas songs with you today.

Lush Haul

 I finished university for the year and decided I deserved to treat myself and found myself in Lush. I haven't bought anything in Lush in what seems like forever, simply because whilst I've been at university I don't have a bath and bath bombs are one of the main things I usually go into Lush for. But I decided it was time I branched out and try some of their other amazing products.

Going Home for Christmas: University Update #2

I feel like I haven't sat down and just blurted out all my feelings in quite a while and thought seeing as I am now home for Christmas it would be the perfect time to do a university update.

The last update I did was just after my first week as a second year and that seems like forever ago now, so much has happened, both good and bad but its been a good semester and it's terrifying to think that I am now half way through my degree! Take me back to first year!

Vloggers You Should Follow: Vlogmas Edition

A bonus post from me today, I never usually post on a Monday. Something a bit different today, I've never shared on my blog any of the blogs, or YouTube channels that I enjoy to read and watch and seeing as it is December there are a lot of YouTubers doing Vlogmas so I thought I'd share my top six YouTubers to watch at this time of year.

All Things Beauty Christmas Gift Guide: £50 and Over

I always knew that I wanted to do a beauty related Christmas gift guide because thats what I personally love to receive at Christmas. But there were so many things I wanted to include, too many to put into one post, so I have decided to put all of the beauty gift guides going up on the same day! There is three parts the Under £20, the Under £50 and the £50 and Over gifts. So hopefully this will help to give you some ideas or some things to add to your last minute shopping list!

All Things Beauty Christmas Gift Guide: Under £50

I knew when I decided to do Christmas Gift Guides I know I wanted to do a beauty related one because thats what I personally love to receive at Christmas. Because there were so many things I wanted to include I have all three of the beauty gift guides going up on the same day! There is three parts the Under £20, the Under £50 and the £50 and Over gifts. So hopefully this will help to give you some ideas or some things to add to your last minute shopping list!

1 Lancome Hypnose Classic Mascara Gift Set
£22.50 on Debenhams
These gifts are such a good idea, especially if you know someone who already loves the mascara or who would love it and they get, in this particular gift set, a full size Mascara, a sample of the eye make up remover and a mini eye liner kohl which is so good seeing as the mascara on its own is usually £22! Plus the box is super cute!

2 Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
£38 on FeelUnique 
I have actually done a review on this, with close up photos, here. These are great gifts. I've actually only bought myself two of the Naked Palettes as the other two I've been given as gifts and such. They are so great for a beauty lover and the whole range there are so many plates and they are all unique so you can definitely find one to suit whoever you are buying for. This one is particularly great for this season and upcoming NYE parties!

3 Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Bag
This bag is adorable and is limited edition! I would love to have this to keep my daily make up in, it is so pretty and so on trend being dark red with gold lip stick marks on. It is quite pricey for a make up bag, but the way I see it, if you are willing to spend a lot on your make up you might as well buy a nice make up bag to store it all in!

4 Origins Superstar Minis
£35 on Origins
This set literally contains it all, a cleanser, moisturiser, hand cream, face mask, face scrub, night cream and an eye cream! Its worth £70 and so you are getting it for a steal at £35! The products in here are all deluxe sample sizes but is seriously a great starter set for someone who wants to have a full skincare routine under wraps or someone who needs to try an Origins product. 

5 Laura Mercier Little Indulgences Hand & Body Creme Collection
£20 on Space NK
Laura Mercier and their body care is well known for having a hefty price tag. These are great for someone who has always wanted a bit of Laura Mercier of luxury in their life and have just never got their hands on one of their products. This can also be split up and gifted to different people which is great about these types of gifts. 

6 NARSissist Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
£39 on Nars Cosmetics
This palette is honestly beautiful, with four shimmer shades and then four matte shades in the corresponding colours you also get an eyeliner in this palette as well. When spending money on well known brands like NARS you know you are going to get good quality products and the limited edition products are usually so amazing and something any beauty lover would appreciate in their pile of presents this Christmas.

7 Topshop Christmas Smokey Eye Kit
£20 on Topshop
Topshop Beauty have joined in on the Christmas gifts this year and released a wide variety but the one that has caught my eye is this smokey eye kit with three eyeshadow sticks and an eyeliner. If this is anything like the rest of the beauty range from Topshop this is unlikely to disappoint.

8 Kate Spade Holly Drive Compact "Kiss and Tell"
£25 on Kate Spade
A cute and luxurious compact with an adorable quote inscribed on the top. It comes beautifully packaged and would look adorable as a compact on someones dressing table or for someone to keep in their handbag.

9 Perfumes
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum: £49/35ml on Boots  | Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum: £50/30ml on Boots
I am not going to mention too much here as I am not one to recommend scents but Ami over at Ami Rose has done a whole gift guide dedicated to Perfume Gift Sets, which you can read here. Perfumes are such a great gift to give to someone, especially if you personally pick out a scent you think they will love or something you know they've owned in the past and you loved on them. Definitely check out Ami's post as it is a great gift guide.

10 Origins Mini Souffle Sampler
£25 on House of Fraser
This set contains four body soufflés of all different scents. I have never tried body care from Origins, but if its as good as their skincare whoever receives this is in for a treat. These gifts are great as they contain a sample size treat so if the person you gift them to likes them they can purchase themselves the bigger version and if they don't like a specific scent they don't have a full size version to try and work through.

So two Beauty Gift Guide down, one more to go. They are all up over on my blog today so make sure to view them all! If you haven't you can view all of my other Christmas Gift Guides to get some other inspiration as well!

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All Things Beauty Christmas Gift Guide: Under £20

When I decided I wanted to do Christmas Gift Guides I knew I wanted to do something all beauty related because thats what I personally love to receive at Christmas. I also decided I wanted it to all be in one post but that was unrealistic so instead I have all three of the gift guides going up on the same day! There is three parts the Under £20, the Under £50 and the £50 and Over gifts. So hopefully this will help to give you some ideas or some things to add to your last minute shopping list!

Favourite Christmas Films

Another Christmas related post today and of course I couldn't do Christmas posts without having one dedicated to all of my Favourite Christmas Films.
I would be lying if I didn't say that I'd been watching Christmas films since late October, I just couldn't wait to get into the Christmas spirit especially as I had been buying Christmas presents so much earlier this year to be prepared!

Soap & Glory Haul

I recently finished all of my assignments for the semester and of course then decided to go into town and treat myself and quickly found myself at the Soap & Glory counter and picked up a few bits.

Christmas Gift Guide: Over £20

Welcome to my third instalment of my Christmas Gift Guides this time focusing on the more 'luxury' gifts priced £20 and over. Hopefully you may be able to get some inspiration for someone's main gift for Christmas.

What's In My Bag: Going Out Edition

 I thought I should do another What's In My Bag post today and specifically my going out night bag as it is coming to the time of year where the Christmas parties are coming and before you know it New Year's will be upon us. I thought I'd share what I take out with me on a typical night out and that you definitely don't need a massive bag full of stuff!

Christmas Gift Guide: £20 and Under

Time for another Christmas Gift Guide and todays is the £20 and Under edition, there is a something for everything here and all super affordable too!

25 Winter Blog Posts Ideas

Some of my most viewed posts are my Blog Post ideas posts (I have a beauty one here and a lifestyle one here if you want to check them out!) and seeing as it is now December I thought it was only right to do a Winter edition including some Christmas post ideas too. This is my favourite time of year and there are so many amazing blog posts you can do!

The Winter Tag!

It's now the 1st December, which means Christmas is nearly on us and before all things Christmassy kick off on Beauty and Me I thought I should start with The Winter Tag to get into the swing of things!