Top Ten Under Ten : Beauty Edition

I absolutely love reading these posts and finding some good beauty products without breaking the bank. Anything to use as an excuse for buying new make up!

Second Year So Far

I thought I ought to do an update post as most of the posts going up on my blog at the moment were scheduled weeks ago as I knew September was going to be a pretty hectic month. I'd go and grab a coffee and get yourself a coffee, this is going to be a long 'un!

Slimming World Update #1

If you haven't seen my first Slimming World post you can read it here, but today seeing as its nearly been a month since I've informed you of my journey I thought it was time for me to share how I've been getting on.

My Go To Night Out Make Up Look

Being a University student I am accustomed to the odd night out here and there. Going out two or three times a week has meant that I have had to 'perfect' my night out look and to be able to do it quickly when its a spur of the moment night out.

My Favourite Fragrance

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum:
An extraordinary story. Oriental-fresh, a floral jasmine-rose accord, as light as a petal.

Most Used Beauty Tools

I was doing my make up the other day and realised just how many different brushes I have (and still wanting more) and how I go through stages of preferring certain brushes. Today I thought I'd share the brushes I am currently using all the time on a daily basis.

How I Do 'Me Time'

Having just come back to university and moved into my second year accommodation it can all be a bit too much what with the stress of packing and moving all of my stuff from my home back to Oxford, having to cook and feed myself all again (which I haven't really done since May) and also having to budget for way more things this year. Sometimes you just need to sit back and have some time for yourself which is especially relevant when you are living with three other students. Today I'd thought I'd share how I do 'Me Time' and hopefully it will help those of you who struggle to just have some time for yourself or give you ideas on other ways you can do so.

Ways to Beat a Hangover

I am now back at university and back into the full swing of things in terms of going out most of the nights in the week and feeling the effects of it the following morning. Now I'm not saying I'm immune to hangovers but I rarely get them but when I do there are certain things I do to make myself feel better.

Evening Skincare Routine

 Following my Morning Skincare Routine last week it was only right for me to give my Evening Skincare Routine a special mention too. Again quite a simple one but I find my skin works better this way.

5 Things I Won't Miss About Summer

I recently read a post like this by Jemma from Dorkface's blog and thought it was the perfect way to see the end of the Summer and see the beginning of Autumn. I think most of you will know I much prefer Autumn and Winter to Summer. I don't know why but I just much prefer the colder and cosier months. 

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

You're probably thinking "oh, another post on the new Urban Decay palette? so original" but I wanted to do my own special post on this amazing palette.

Morning Skincare Routine

Since going to university I've found my skin to be the best its ever been despite having an unhealthy diet and often consuming too much alcohol! (I'm a student, its the norm, don't judge) I've put my skin down to my skincare routine which I haven't changed up all that much in the past year.