Why hello there!
I'm guessing you've made your way here to find out more about the person behind Beauty and Me? Well let me tell you:

My name is Paige and I'm currently 20 years old. I blog as a hobby as I am a full time student at University studying Law, which is as hard as everyone makes it out to be! I also have a part time job working in a supermarket chain. You're probably thinking how does she manage to do all that and blog three times a week (sometimes four), well I'll tell you my secret...with great great planning and organisation, that's how!

I'm not exactly sure when I officially started beauty and me as I have dipped in and out of blogging a lot over the years but it was some point in 2011. When I wasn't blogging I really did miss it and when I finished my first year of university I decided to start it up again, it took a lot of willpower and a lot of planning but it's been so worth it and this little blog is an extended part of me which I am so proud of.

I love my little corner of the internet and I am looking forward to how it grows over the weeks, months, perhaps years to come. I really hope you stick around and read some of my posts or even follow me on Bloglovin' as I promise you I still have a lot more to give on beauty and me.

Well enough ramblings from me I guess, I hope to see you on my blog again sometime.

Until next time,