monthly non-beauty favourites: may

I've only just realised I haven't done a non-beauty monthly favourite post since February! (whoops!) But never mind I'm back with a new non-beauty monthly favourite post with some rather random favourites so I hope you enjoy...

Twinings Earl Grey Tea
Wanting to try a new type of tea rather than the bog standard PG Tips I found myself on the Twinings  website (here) and was soon falling in love with the sounds of some of their teas and discovered they do free samples (here, it's great if you're a tea lover and want to try some new flavours out) and ordered myself a few. Quickly Earl Grey became my favourite tea and my day isn't complete without starting the day with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey.

Yankee Candle in Fluffy Towels
This was one of my birthday presents (you can read my birthday post here) and have loved lighting it so much, it leaves my room smelling so fresh and clean. The perfect scent to light when you've had a stressful day, revising (like I've been doing for the past month) or just want to curl down and relax for a bit. I really want to smell some of Yankee Candle's other fresh scents!

Hartley's Apple & Watermelon Flavour Jelly
A rather random favourite of mine, due to exams I have been wanting to have breaks in revision with snacks and have gone with this healthy option with less then 10 calories per pot and no fat. Plus it's been really refreshing in the hot weather. I'm eating a pot now as I write this post! It's just sooooo good!

The Perks of Being A Wallflower DVD
This was a recent purchase in May and having never seen the film I decided to just take the plunge and buy it because of all the great hype it had. I can gladly say I wasn't disappointed it is such a great film and a perfect way to unwind after a day of exams or hours after revision. I just need to get the book now to read...(but I have a pile of 5 other books I need to read get reading!)

Company Magazine
I have a years subscription to Company Magazine which is just a fabulous magazine, which doesn't feature too many designer brands to make you lust after having a greater income but not full of just high street and drugstore items, a great mix of both. I have to say I'm guilty of getting a magazine in the post and just putting it on the side to read later...but later never comes. After finishing my exams I have had time to sit down and read Company magazine from cover to cover lusting, wishing on numerous products. I have rekindled my love to sitting down and just reading because of this, so Company Magazine thank you!

Favourite App
My favourite app this month has been Instagram (my username is paigelaura1996 or my personal username is paigelaura96) I have been obsessed seeing what people are getting up to, taking pictures editing them and posting them for everyone to see, (I have been using the app A Beautiful Mess to edit most of my photos in case your wondering). Instagram is a great way I think to talk and chat with people and follow some people who post some amazing photographs with amazing photography skills. A definite recommend.

Favourite Song
I have really been liking Emeli Sande this month especially the song Wonder featuring Naughty Boy (you can listen to here if you want too). A great song, and I've found myself singing/humming to it everywhere even when I'm at work!

That's all of my non-beauty favourites for the month of may.
If you do posts similar to this make sure you put a link to your post down below as I'd love to read what your non-beauty favourites of may have been!

What have your non-beauty favourites of May been?
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