L'Oreal Beauty Haul

I recently got paid and after not really buying a lot of make up recently I decided to pop into my local Superdrug. I did need to repurchase my current favourite foundation but it was on 3 for 2 and it would have been silly not to pick up some other bits.

Colouring Books for Adults

 The past year has seen a rise in popularity for adult colouring books. I for one used to love colouring and when I saw this latest trend I knew I needed to get in on it and so saw the start of my adult colouring book collection.

Throwback: Favourite Favourite TV Shows

Since turning 20 and saying farewell to my teens and childhood and hello to adulthood I have become quite the retrospect. I was sat browsing Netflix and realised how different childrens TV is today compared to what I grew up watching. Seeing as its a Thursday it only seemed right to do a Throwback Thursday of all my favourite TV shows I used to love watching as a child.