May's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is...

A Beneficial Way of Applying Eye Cream 

Update and Chit Chat

It seems like forever since I've actually sat down and wrote a post and this post today is going to try to explain why, so go grab a coffee and get ready to settle down to a rather rambly update post (is there any other way?)

First of I haven't done a proper, proper post since my birthday post (which you can read here) on 4th April, I was planning on getting a birthday haul post up the following week but due to a lot of things I didn't get a chance to photograph any of my presents  but it is up now and you can read it here.

Birthday Haul!

I know this is a bit late (more like a month!) seeing as my birthday was on the 4th April but better late then never, ey? There are a lot of reasons for the lack of posts on my blog recently but an update post will be up very soon. I 'm doing it quite differently by just posting pictures rather than words, so tell me if you like it, if you want me to do a wordy one or reviews then comment on my requests page which you can find here