Back to School - School Bag Essentials

As I said in my make-up bag essentials post I was going to do another post based on all the miscellaneous essentials which don't quite fit under the make-up branch. Most of these aren't all essentials but most come in handy at one time or another.

Hair Ties
More frequently then not I will straighten/style my hair in the morning only by break time for it to gone frizzy or because of the weather it to have gone a bit wild so these are just great for chucking your hair up in a quick do!

Bobby Pins
Do you call them Bobby Pins? or Hair Grips? Well either way they are great to keep in your bag to style your hair. Knowing me I'll put my hair up or style it really nicely and then random bits of hair will begin to fall out so to keep my hair looking good-ish bobby pins are a girl's best friend.

Hair Brush
I guess I'm not the only girl who hates when their hair gets the tiniest bit frizzy so a hair brush is just the greatest thing ever. Normally I would take a compact hairbrush but my last one broke and I just haven't got around to buying a new one so a full sized hairbrush will just have to do.

Pain Relief
I am normally the over prepared friend who has everything from paracetamol to hay fever relief. I get quite bad aches and pains so find these are really handy just to have in my bag. Plus you never know when a searing headache is going to appear after a heavy history lesson.

I frequently find myself buying new shoes and usually test them out for about 9 hours meaning more often than not I get blisters from new shoes...every girls problem. So plasters are a must in my school bag.

Antibacterial Gel 
So you're at school, sat at desks where thousands of students have sat before do you know that they washed their hands after being to the bathroom? How do you know that they haven't been sat there picking their nose? So best to be safe then sorry so I always carry round an antibacterial hand gel of some sort.

I have found some antibacterial wipes which are great to wipe your hands after eating something particularly messy or to wipe a surface down or to clean up an explosion in your bag. They are usually quite cheap and I usually don't use them that often but it's better that they're there rather then needing them and having nothing.

I always carry deodorant in my bag just out of habit but if you are unfortunate enough to still have to do PE this is a must. I prefer roll on rather than spray at school because it's just easier and you don't have to worry about being in a confined space to use it.

Body Spray
I love having body spray in my school bag, I can just spritz up as the day goes on. In the winter I particularly love carrying body spray in the winter as I usually love spraying my scarf before I wear it so it smells oh so nice.

Hand Creams
Hand cream is such a must especially in the colder months. I have pictured two above, the tinned one is so good for travelling and is so moisturising. The other is a travel sized hand cream which is just as good but takes up a bit more room. Another alternative to hand cream is the Nivea Creme which is similar to the tinned one pictured as it also comes in a tin and is a thick moisture cream and sinks in the skin quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

Well these are my school bag essentials, what are your school bag essentials?

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