Back to School - School Bag Guide

Well we all know the importance of a good bag especially when going back to school, not only do you want to have a bag that can hold of your textbooks, school essentials, make up and most importantly look good and whilst not breaking the bank in the process! Sometimes that can be easier said then done so today I am here to offer my helping hand in finding you your perfect back to school bag whether it be that you're just starting Secondary School (or High School if you're not from the UK), College or Sixth Form or even University.

Why not go a bit old school with the traditional but now fashionable backpack?

ASOS £19.99 - New Look £18.99 - Accessorize £35 - Topshop £30

Why not go for a fashion staple in the form of a satchel?
1 Topshop £34 - 2 River Island £35 - 3 ASOS £28 - 4 Urban Outfitters £48

Why not go for the basic shoulder bag for all your schooling needs?
1 River Island £30 - 2 New Look £15.99 - 3 ASOS £17 - 4 River Island £45

I hope this school bag guide has helped you with all of your bag needs no matter where you're starting in September. If you've gone for one of the bags I've listed above please tell me in the comments below as I'd love to know!

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