Top Thursday Reads! #1

I thought today I'd try something different, a bit of a more weekly post. I thought this way at least I know I'll have at least one post out there for you lovely followers to read. I have decided to write a weekly book review or my opinions on a book I have read (for obvious reasons not in that past week, I could but I just don't have the time anymore!). So I would love your feedback about this idea.

One Day by David Nicholls

New Blog Designs & Update!

A short and sweet post from me this evening....

She Said Beauty | Skincare September

I recently decided to do a monthly subscription to a beauty box, of course the decision was then what one?
In the UK there is a wide range to choose from such as Glossybox, Joliebox etc. But after reading a lot of reviews and did some research I chose to go with She Said Beauty.

If you don't know already She Said Beauty is a beauty box subscription where you get 5 samples of different products usually luxury products or expensive products usually based on a theme. She Said Beauty costs £9.00 a month plus p+p.

Skincare September

Beauty | A Few Beauty Buys

As you can probably tell from the title of this post I went out for a little shopping the other day and treated myself to some new beauty products. I only got three things so it isn't too exciting but just thought I'd share my recent beauty purchases.

I first went to Superdrug and after having a load of samples of the Garnier, Estee Lauder and Maybelline BB Creams I decided I needed to own one so got the one I preferred out of the 3. So as you can probably tell I bought the Maybelline one. It actually only cost me £5 as they had an offer that if you bought any 2 Maybelline you only paid £10 so me and my sister both picked a product and split it. So a bargain...especially if you were stocking up.

Hello Autumn: Coffee Talk Tag

Today I thought I'd something a little different, after seeing this particular tag crop up on my Blogger Dashboard a lot I thought it was time I joined in.

Source: WeHeartIt

Beauty | Bargain Nail Polishes

Recently Fragrance Direct has been taking the blogging world by storm for the amazing prices they have been offering for their Essie nail polishes and I couldn't help but go for a little nosey on the site. Of course doing this I was tempted with buying a few products.

Being me I didn't actually order an Essie nail polish, well for myself anyway, they didn't have the colour I wanted in stock (Chubby Cheeks) but I did order one for my sister (Sugar Daddy) and the Essie Ridge Filler Base Coat. But I did pick up another two nail polishes for myself.

Back To School | What's in my Pencil Case?

Today I thought I'd do a bit of different version of the usual "what's in my school/hand bag?" post and thought I'd show you what's in my pencil case...don't worry there will be a what's in my school bag post next week after I have been at sixth form for a while.

Pencil Case | WHSmith Page Markers | Pencil Sharpener | Mini Scissors | Rubber | Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse | 9 Staedtler  Coloured Biros | 2 Staedtler Highlighters | 4 x BIC Black Biros | 15cm Ruler | 4 x Staedtler HB Pencils

Monthly Favourites | August

It's that time again for my monthly favourites, they are a bit later then usual but I am struggling to find time to write blog posts now that I am back at school and work at the weekends. Also there isn't that many as I have just had my usual favourites for the past month and haven't really found anything that new.

September's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is one which should be known by all who love nail polish and who are really impatient when you spend forever painting your nails then you do something and smudge it then have to start all over again. It's just a chore! So this beauty tip should be helpful to all those fellow impatient nail painters

This months beauty tip is:

Dipping Wet Nails Into Cold Water

Now, you might be thinking she must be mad...and I thought this was mad to begin with that was until I tried it. It's something I didn't originally think would work, but it does! I was going to fork out nearly £5 to get one of those quick fix instant nail drying sprays I'm so glad I didn't though. Seriously all you do is paint your nails like normal get a bowl of water or sink full of water whatever suits you and just dip away, then apply top coat and repeat if you want. 

Hope this has helped anyone who is as impatient as me, would love to hear what you think of this if you have tried it out before.

Have you used this beauty tip before?

Back To School | First Day...


I just thought I'd write a little post telling you all how my first day of Sixth Form went and being an official Year 12.

Back to School | School Supplies Haul

I thought it was time to do my School Supplies haul. However, I didn't buy that much simply because since doing GCSE I had a lot of things already so I will probably do an overall school supplies post explaining what I already have and all that jazz. 

I did buy all of this with my own money, which I did earn as I do have a job, so please no hate.

Me and my friend a couple of weeks ago went stationery shopping as we both love stationery and could spend hours in a stationery shop. We did once when we went looking for books though. I do probably think I got a bit too much stuff, but never mind I can find a use for it somewhere else.

Enough ramblings from me...