This blog is a personal reflection of me and my personal views, therefore I am responsible for them, not anyone else.

I have chosen not to watermark my images, but it does NOT mean it's acceptable for you to abuse this and use them without my permission. I try as much as I can to use pictures only I have taken myself, which obviously means that they belong to me and are not to be used unless you have asked for my permission via email and I have given my consent.

Any images that are not my own I always state and link the origin of the image.

If I have received a product as a sign of goodwill or for review purposes I will post a disclaimer at the end of the post and mark the post with an Astrix *. I have been contacted in the past by company's but have never been given money for doing so, as it was merely a suggestion. If, in the future, this ever happens I will disclaim this. If any links are given during a review or any post they are not affiliate links, they are there to help you.

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