Update and Chit Chat

It seems like forever since I've actually sat down and wrote a post and this post today is going to try to explain why, so go grab a coffee and get ready to settle down to a rather rambly update post (is there any other way?)

First of I haven't done a proper, proper post since my birthday post (which you can read here) on 4th April, I was planning on getting a birthday haul post up the following week but due to a lot of things I didn't get a chance to photograph any of my presents  but it is up now and you can read it here.

After my birthday I was really ill, I didn't mention anything on any social networking because I was just so ill. Luckily I already had the weekend off of work so didn't have to take a sick day but I spent the whole Saturday (6th April) in bed throwing up, ate nothing all day, felt so week and helpless and kept drifitng in and out of sleep. It was awful, I haven't been really ill in so long and hope not to be in the very near future. I even had to cancel my second driving lesson which I was really annoyed about as I loved my first one. On the Sunday I did feel a lot better but still felt week due to not eating anything the whole of Saturday but had also managed in less then 24 hours pass on my sickness to my whole family, which was not fun in the slightest. To say I felt bad was an understatement! But anyway we are all in good health now (well as much as we were beforehand).

After that fiasco I had a week of work experience. (If you don't already know I want to go into Law and do a Law degree at University) I spent the week at a local solicitors in my town and really enjoyed it! I have been there before for work experience in year 10 and really liked it but due to me being 2 years older I was trusted with a lot more and felt I got more out of the experience. It was a tiring week with working 9 - 5.30 everyday for 5 days was manic! I literally came home, ate then went to sleep, it completely wiped the energy out of me!

Then after that manic week we went back to school and its only a few weeks until my exams will be upon me and only a month and they will have passed, scary stuff. All I have been doing this past week is eating, sleeping, school, work and revision and haven't even had the time to sit down and plan any blog posts let alone write any (I am currently writing this whilst catching up on Monday's Made in Chelsea) so I must apologise and I can't say it will imporve in the near future either as like I said exams are coming up rather quickly and spending all my time on prepping for my exams.

So in summary (if you have made it to this point I salute you!) I will be trying to regularise my blog posts but in the next month they may be a bit sparce and there will be an odd post up here and there, (but this a hobby for me and school has to come first)

Also, whilst all of this has been going on I reached 100 GFC followers! EEEKKK! Thank you oh so much! It means so much to me as I do put as much as I can into this little blog and to think 100 people actually read what I write and appreciate it amazes me! I know for some people it's not many followers but for me it means the world, just to think one person reads my blog makes me happy let alone 100+ people! So again thank you!

I will be having some posts coming up in the future including a mini series on my driving experience and learning to drive, alongside my Beauty and Non-Beauty Favourites for April. When my last exam finishes on the 23rd May I will be making sure I blog as regularly as I can and would love to hear what you all want to see on my blog by either commenting of this post or on my requests page (here).

So a long post from me, probably revealing way too much information but I felt like writing a long, rambly post for a change.

Ta ta for now

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