It's My Birthday!

If you haven't already guessed it's my 17th Birthday today (4th April) and I though it would be nice to do a little update for y'all.

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Seeing as I'm now 17 it would be stupid (in my opinion) not to learn to drive so at 11am I have my first driving lesson...eek! I'm so excited to be learning to drive! My first driving lesson is 2 hours long, but its good as I know I'll learn a lot more as we'll be able to cover more.

After my driving lesson at 3pm I'm going to Costa with the girls. I'm really looking forward to it as I haven't seen any of them in over a week (because we broke up from school for easter last Wednesday) and it will be a nice little catch up, its a shame a few of them can't make it because they are away so there is only 5 of us instead of 9 but it will still be nice.

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Finally, after Costa probably my closest friend, Laura, and I are going to an American Diner called Buddies which is unique to the area I live in. It's really nice, probably my favourite restaurant. It's going to be good as I took Laura there for my birthday last year and it was her first time ever at Buddies and she's only ever been a couple of times since so we said it will be our thing for now on to go to Buddies on/around my birthday...a nice little tradition to start.

Then after I've stuffed my face I'll come home, have a nice long bath and chill with my family as it will be the first time I will have seen my dad today (he was working in the morning and finishes when I'm out), so a nice chilled out evening to finish my birthday.

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All in all I have a very exciting birthday planned and hopefully the weather will be better than last year! (It rained all day and Laura and I stayed in our pjs all day and did nothing - well except from watch Yogi Bear). I will keep you updated about my driving lessons and my experience with that and will probably post a Birthday Haul within the next week (hopefully!)

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