January's Beauty Tip

As the new year rolls around so does the typical new year resolutions, so I thought I would help you all wih just a basic, easy beauty tip that is easy to stick to and hopefully you won't all give up on after the second day.

This months beauty tip is

Washing your face twice

This might seem like quite a weird tip but the other week me and my friends were having a rather weird conversation about when we wash our hair how many times do we shampoo, my generic answer was twice as for ,e the first time never seems to clean my hair completely and I can definitely notice a difference once doing it again. We then realised if we feel this way about our hair surely our face is the same? 
Cleansing your face once just isn't enough it doesn't remove all the dirt and grime trapped in your skin from your daily activities such as constantly touching your face, wearing heavy base make up or at night when you are sleeping on pillow. So after discussing this I actually went and tried it out and honestly after the first time of washing my face twice my skin felt so much softer and cleaner and as I have continues my skin has slowly improved I don't get as many big breakouts as I once did (don't get me wrong I still get breakouts but never on the scale that they once were). So this is a tip I would recommend you all try out and I would love to hear your responses and views on this!

Will you be trying this tip out?
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