Monthly Non-Beauty Favourites | January

First is going to hopefully be the first of many non-beauty favourites, which will be where I can add all my random non-beauty related monthly favourites. It will only be a small post each month but a nice little addition to my blog. 

iPhone 5 A Christmas present this year, I finally moved onto an iPhone and I won't be looking back! I live on my iPhone, I blog, tweet, text, ring, play games and organise my life. I currently just have a plain blue case on it, but I love this phone, it is just so me! Now a full iPhone convert.

Ted DVD Another Christmas present, I love this film. It's so cheesy and quite funny but when I was ill this was one of the only things I wanted to watch that could put a smile on my face. A bit over-watched this month I think, never mind.

The Women DVD A brilliant movie in my opinion, there are no men in it at all only characters who we never meet. A typical 'chick flick' but a good film none the less. Again another over-watched film in my TV this month. Woops!

The Sims 3 for PC I treated myself to this before Christmas and I am addicted I literally have to pull myself away from the computer to stop playing it, probably not a good thing when I had my exams! It keeps me entertained and is mega addicting ask anyone!

Water A really, really random favourite but this time last year I was really strict with myself when trying to lose weight and drunk loads of weight but as the year went on and stress from my GCSEs got to me that all just got forgotten. I never actually realise how thirsty I am until I drink something and I really like just your bog standard bottle of still water and have found myself reaching towards a glass of water rather than a coffee or a glass of pop.

What are your non-beauty favourites this month?

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