Monthly Non-Beauty Favourites | February

iPhone 5 Case I have recently been loving iPhone 5 cases and on numerous occasions had to restrain myself from buying new ones, but I did return to the one I got for Christmas. It's a Banksy design and I love it! One of my friends told me it "is so you!" and I agree.

The Vow DVD I had a sick day in February from work so had quite a bit of free time to have a duvet day (I did sleep a lot too!) and this is just one of my favourite films, its a typical chick flick romance film, the storyline is great with a typical happy ending but with Channing Tatum who wouldn't love it?! I have been watching this whenever I can.

Arise by Tara Hudson After finishing my January AS Exams I have been reading so much (but still have a pile of books to read by my bed) and have loved this sequel to Tara Hudson's Hereafter, just a typical teenage romance book involving ghosts and a frowned upon love which is destined to be doomed. I personally love them sorts of books so yanno its right up my street.

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick Again another book (what can I say I've been reading a lot!) I have been waiting for this book to come out and since Christmas its just been sat there due to my exams but now I have finished it and for me its one of those books you feel sad to finish knowing its the end and theres never going to be another one, like saying goodbye to old friends (book worm alert!) but I have so enjoyed reading it took me just over a week to read, a definite read for me.

iPod Nano Since getting my iPhone for Christmas I have been neglecting my iPod as I can do it all on my phone but have recently found myself reaching for my iPod when listening to music simply because it wastes quite a bit of my phone battery but it feels good to not have to carry my phone around whilst listening to music. Ah, how I have missed my iPod!

What are you monthly non-beauty favourites?
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