Fashion | Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites

I was recently informed of the results of a number of fashion bloggers Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites. Seeing as I am one of those people who are always looking for good offers and good value fashion clothing for less so thought it would be an interesting post to share with my readers.

Review | OPI Nail Envy

 This product seemed to be taking a storm a couple of months ago in the beauty blogging community, but now it's like it's disappeared under the radar. I thought it must be time for me to have my say on it.

Back To School | My Choices

I thought today I'd do a post about my choices as to what I've chosen to do next (academic) year and the options that were also available to me. I'm hoping this will help people who are going in to year 11 into there choices for the following year or anyone who wants to revisit further education. Also to anyone who doesn't live in the UK I hope this gives you an insight into how our education is.

So, as many of you know I left school this year as I was in year 11, which also means that I finished all of my GCSEs at the end of June. After doing my GCSEs I had a lot of different options to do which I can't say for people younger then me will have. The Law for me says I have to stay in further education until I'm 16 but anyone born after September 1997 have to stay in full time education until they are 18.


Back To School | GCSE Results Day!

As many of you would know yesterday (23rd July) was the GCSE results day for millions across the UK. Seeing as the news always takes advantage of showing peoples results and how GCSEs are getting "too easy" for us students (which I can say is so not true!). Anyway seeing as a few people have done these posts/videos I thought I would join in and post it alongside my Back To School posts.

What GCSEs did I take?

Back To School

Seeing as results day is right around the corner (23rd August for GCSE) and as I start sixth form (year 12) in September I thought I would do a set of "Back-to-School" posts. They would probably include how I am preparing myself for sixth form (further education) and what I plan to do.

I thought this would be useful for a variety of people especially seeing as it's that time of year again and people are going to be getting ready to go back to school,

August's Beauty Tip

This month's beauty tip is a bit of a two in one and I have used both in the past and one quite recently myself.

This month's beauty tip is...

1 Mixing your Foundation and Moisturiser to Make A Tinted Moisturiser
 Now I bet a lot of you have done this before especially if you have drier skin but obviously it doesn't and won't work for everybody. It differs from foundation to moisturiser used. I wouldn't recommend using a moisturiser with harsh chemicals or ingredients as the one I use is Simple. It works with all foundations and is perfect for the warmer weather.

2 Mixing A Foundation That's Too Dark For Your Skin and Moisturiser to Make A Thick Tinted Moisturiser For Your Shade
You are probably thinking how does this work, it's the same as the 1st Beauty Tip. It actually isn't it's all about the foundation to moisturiser ratio (look at me sounding all smart!). I personally think this works a lot better with thicker foundations but it does work with liquid foundations too. Also this beauty tip will come in its own throughout the winter when the tan begins to fade. 

Have you used either of these beauty tips before?

Holiday | What's in my Hand Luggage?

Another Holiday Series post from me and whilst you're reading this I'll be sunbathing by a pool.
Jealous much?
Bag from New Look - they no longer sell it.

Anyway, these are all basic things that I'd expect the majority of people to have in their hand luggae or their equivalent.

Holiday | What's in my Travel Make Up Bag?

As many of you will know I am off to Sunny Spain tomorrow (Saturday 4th August) for a week and promised some holiday posts. Hopefully I will be scheduling them for next week for you lot to read.

So today I'd thought I'd do the one the majority of you will be wanting to read; the make-up I'm taking.