Disneyland Paris Meal Planning

If you read my Disneyland Paris post you'll know I'm off to Disneyland Paris at the end of August with my sister. It's now just under 60 days until we go which means we can now book our restaurant reservations for the time we are there and I thought I'd share with you our plans for whilst we are away.

20 Things I Won't Miss About Living in Student Halls

For the past two years whilst I've been at university I have been in some form of student halls. In first year I, like most first years, lived in university supplied student accommodation with complete strangers. It was an unusual experience, and one I won't be doing again in a hurry. In second year, I lived in private student accommodation with three girls I chose to live with. I am relieved to say next year (for my third and final year at Oxford Brookes University) I will be living in private rented house which I am excited for and I'm glad to be seeing the back of student halls for hopefully the foreseeable future. 

25 Summer Blog Post Ideas

I have recently been struggling with blog post ideas and have been writing lists of ideas to try and give me some inspiration and thought I'd share some of them with you today to help other bloggers out!

Spread The Love # 2

I did a Spread The Love post quite a while ago now but blogger orientated. As I have been watching a lot more YouTube over reading blogs the last few months I thought it was only right to do a post dedicated to my favourite YouTubers who I always look for first in terms of my subscription box.


I usually don't really do 'life' update posts that often, they're usually university related or Slimming World updates. I don't normally feel the need to do a life update that often as I do do other updates about aspects of my life but I feel like one is needed at the minute.