How I Do 'Me Time'

Having just come back to university and moved into my second year accommodation it can all be a bit too much what with the stress of packing and moving all of my stuff from my home back to Oxford, having to cook and feed myself all again (which I haven't really done since May) and also having to budget for way more things this year. Sometimes you just need to sit back and have some time for yourself which is especially relevant when you are living with three other students. Today I'd thought I'd share how I do 'Me Time' and hopefully it will help those of you who struggle to just have some time for yourself or give you ideas on other ways you can do so.

For me I cherish any time I get some time to myself, and having 'me time' means doing one thing at a time and not trying to multitask and do a million things at once (which is what I am usually doing, busy busy bee) and to actually force myself to relax. So here are a few of my favourite ways to relax and have me time.  

001 Turn off everything my phone, my iPad, my TV, the works (I sometimes don't turn off my MacBook and you will realise why in a minute!) just having no distractions is the best feeling!

002 Get into some comfy clothes which usually results getting into some fluffy pjs. I particularly have Me Time on a Sunday so I can have a shower, pamper myself a little bit, and get into clean pjs and some cosy fluffy socks, its the best feeling ever! (me time doesn't just have to be in the evening, pjs are for all occasions!)

003 Light a few candles (or a lot!), I find the scent of candles and just candles in general so therapeutic and snuggling up under a blanket with a good book and a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate. I find it so calming to just hold a hot drink between my hands, it makes me feel cosy and calm.

004 Putting a face mask on and sitting and doing nothing is just the best. Like I said before I just love to pamper myself when I'm having a bit of me time (because why not?) and its just perfect to focus on myself for once rather than focusing on a  million and one things.

005 As I said above I don't always like turning off my MacBook and the reason is because for me I would love to curl up on the sofa in front of the TV and binge watch crappy TV or put on a film but unfortunately at university I do not have a TV so my MacBook has to do so I curl up either on my bed or the sofa (with a blanket of course) and binge watch Netflix or YouTube videos. This is just the best way to unwind and relax especially after a stressful week at University. 

006 Like I've mentioned I like to pamper myself when I'm having me time and for me I love painting my nails but to actually sit down and paint them is a rare occasion (I paint them all the time but to actually have time to let them dry is a rare occasion I'm forever smudging my nails!) so I like to put a good film on or listen to some music and paint my nails and toenails and just find it so calming and relaxing.

007 Following on the pamper thing I also love skincare and use me time to do an extended skincare routine as doing skincare in general is just so nice and why not do an extended routine. I feel relaxed and my skin gets a good pampering, a bonus in my books!

008 To end me time usually means going to bed and snuggling under a big duvet wearing the comfiest and cosiest pjs and having no distractions and just feeling really zen and relaxed. I feel so calm after having a bit of me time and doing it on a Sunday is such a nice way to end/start the weekend makes me ready for all the craziness I'm about to endure.

I love having some me time which can kind of seem impossible when you are at university and sharing accommodation with what feels like a billion people at some times but this is just something I like to put aside for myself maybe once a week or every couple of weeks. It honestly makes such a difference, I feel refreshed, relaxed and not stressed in the slightest!

What do you like to do when you are having a bit of 'Me Time' as I would love to know an maybe get some inspiration by what calms other people!
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