Ways to Beat a Hangover

I am now back at university and back into the full swing of things in terms of going out most of the nights in the week and feeling the effects of it the following morning. Now I'm not saying I'm immune to hangovers but I rarely get them but when I do there are certain things I do to make myself feel better.

001 Keep Hydrated - drink plenty of water, alcohol severely dehydrates your body and it needs to be replenished. I usually keep a bottle next to my bed when I get in and try and drink at least one decent cup of water before I fall asleep and again as soon as I wake up. I feel so much better just by doing this.

002 EAT - This is an unusual one, but I've noticed if I don't wake up and eat something within a couple of hours of waking up I feel really ill and feel the wrath of a hangover. I don't know why but I use it as an excuse to stuff my face when I wake up and usually that means out of the food I keep in my room (because who can be bothered to walk to the kitchen) which means all the junk food thats just too good to keep in the kitchen. Food is food, if you find greasy food makes you feel better order as much Dominoes as you can stomach. Oh and eating before you go out makes such a difference!

003 Shower
No one likes smelling of cigarette smoke and alcohol and even more so other people don't like people who smells like it either. After a night out one of the first things I'll do is have a shower, I don't feel right until I do. Even with a 9am lecture I still make sure to have a shower, I feel better plus I don't feel paranoid of stinking like I was out the night before either. 

004 Drink in Moderation
This is one to do whilst your out and to prevent the hangover from taking over. I for one drink lots before I go out (its cheaper to do that) and then have one or two drinks at the club, that way normally by the time I come home I'm not completely sh*tfaced and can still manage to take my make up off and actually get into bed (once I even had a shower at 3am in the morning). Drinking in moderation helps your body cope and you aren't likely to destroy your body in the process.

005 Know Your Limit
Similiar to the point above, if you know what your body can and cannot handle you will wake up feeling so much better rather than the person who just doesn't know when enough is enough. It may take a few stupidly foolish nights to discover your limit, but your young, experiment a little!

006 Sleep
Weird one, but if you can sleep for as long as possible your body will thank you for it. Alcohol drains the body of energy and if you only get in at 3am and wake up at 7am your body hasn't had time to 'repair' itself. Plus its possible you just sleep the whole way through the whole feeling crap/hungover stage and feel absolutely fine once you wake up.

007 Painkillers
This is kind of inevitable, a way to beat a hangover is to get in before it even starts. When you first wake up you may feel fine, but after an hour or so the effects start to set in and you wonder why it feels like you hit your head on the wall about 50 billion times (it might be because you actually did do that though) so when you first wake up try and take some painkillers, it might lessen the blow a bit in terms of the pounding head you are probably going to get at some point.

008 Brush your Teeth
Okay, a weird one here, but hear me out. If you don't do this when you come in and drink fizzy mixers your mouth feels extremely furry the next day (anyone else know what I mean?!) and especially if you do feel a bit worse for wear and spend most of the day with your head down a toilet brushing your teeth can make a small difference to how you feel.

009 Getting some fresh air
I know the last thing you want to do when you feel like death warmed up is actually make an effort and go outside. The fresh air though, I don't know why, always makes me feel 100% better and plus actually getting out of the flat is so refreshing. Even going out just to get some food from the corner shop is a good thing, getting fresh air and getting comfort food. Two birds one stone and all that.

010 Coffee
A God send in a cup. Coffee not only gives you energy its just nice on the morning after the night before to sit in some comfy clothes, with a hot drink, preferably coffee and watch some good old Netflix. And if you have to go out after a night out coffee may make you more awake and more prepared for the dreaded day ahead.

So these are a few of my saviours when it comes to the day after the night before. As I said I don't really suffer from hangovers but anything to help keep them at bay when I've had a bit too much to drink is a must do in my books.
What are your ways to beat a hangover?

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