Most Used Beauty Tools

I was doing my make up the other day and realised just how many different brushes I have (and still wanting more) and how I go through stages of preferring certain brushes. Today I thought I'd share the brushes I am currently using all the time on a daily basis.

As you can see most of my collection contains the Real Techniques brushes because they are so affordable and such good quality that has meant I haven't had to branch out and by more expensive brushes.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush (core collection)
This one of the first set of make up brushes I ever bought and I think I've only ever used two of the brushes on a daily basis from the collection. I use this most of the time for my base as I can effortlessly blend my foundation into my skin giving a flawless look. I wish you could buy it individually as I would soon pick a couple up as back ups when I need to clean my brushes!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I bought this on a whim and I love it. I sometimes use this over my beloved RT Buffing Brush as the domed shape means I can get into the crease of my nose and under my eyes with complete ease and also works well with applying foundation over the rest of my face. This brush is also a great multi use brush which is great when travelling as you can use it for so many things!

Real Techniques Setting Brush
This brush, in my opinion, is way too small to be used as a 'setting' brush. I personally use it for applying my highlighter on the top of my cheek bones and anywhere else I want to be highlighted. I reach for this brush more than I ever thought I would and it also works wonders for applying a light powder on the under eyes to set your concealer.

Real Techniques Shading Brush
I own the RT Starter Set and that got me by for a while in terms of brushes for my eyes but then this little brush popped up on my Amazon recommendations and now I own two. I use this just to apply the base colour on my eyes. Its great it doesn't pick up too little product nor too much. Its perfect for everyday use and its such good value I'm tempted to even pick up a third!

Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush (Nic's Picks)
This is again from another RT set and I use this to apply colour to my crease and to blend it out. Again I wish they sold this individually as well! The shape of the brush is so unique to anything else I own in my eye brushes and I love how easily and effortlessly I can apply colour to my crease and blend out with eh same brush.

Mac 217 Brush
This is one of the most expensive brushes I own and I've never looked back. After so many people raving about it I bought it on one of the many times Debenhams had 10% off their beauty department.  I use this for blending out my eyeshadow and adding the transition shade on a smoky eye. I love this brush and have bought cheap dupes in the past but nothing compares to this and I definitely want to buy another one to have a back up.

Well as you can see I love Real Techniques brushes and definitely want to branch out and try some other brands. I just love how versatile all the brushes are and that you can use them for so many different uses other than what they recommend. If you have any brush recommendations I would definitely appreciate it! I am currently eyeing up this set from Zoeva which just looks heavenly!

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