5 Things I Won't Miss About Summer

I recently read a post like this by Jemma from Dorkface's blog and thought it was the perfect way to see the end of the Summer and see the beginning of Autumn. I think most of you will know I much prefer Autumn and Winter to Summer. I don't know why but I just much prefer the colder and cosier months. 

001 Not feeling guilty about moaning about how hot it is...
In the UK we don't deal with heat very well, everyone strips off as soon as it even gets remotely warm and basically melt. I personally think that 26 degrees in England feels very different to 26 degrees in Spain or something. It gets really muggy, humid in England whereas Spain is kind of built for the heat and we really are not. I'm looking forward to not feeling guilty for secretly
wishing for rain and colder days and staying indoors and doing nothing rather than the pathetic thing us Brits like to call Summer.

002 Working all day, every day
Okay this is a slight exaggeration, but since coming home from university I managed to get a transfer into the store I was originally working at (if you don't know I work in a supermarket) which is great and I'm grateful but because I didn't have uni or any other major commitments I've spent majority of my time working. Which is great because it means I actually have money but I'm really looking forward to going back to University and working maybe one or two days a week and studying again. Work is just tedious especially as I know its not something I'm going to continue to do after University finishes. So roll on starting university again!

003 Summer Clothes
Is it me or has this year been more focused on perfecting your bikini body than ever before and wearing the skimpiest clothes possible? I'm looking forward to not completely worrying about what I'm wearing and what other people think of me. Yes I have joined Slimming World, but I've done it for me and no one else and I didn't do it to get the 'perfect' bikini body. I'm looking forward to wearing big baggy jumpers, jeans and boots as summer is ending.

004 Shaving my legs...
Okay its not like I'm just going to stop shaving my legs altogether, I'm just looking forward to not having freshly shaven legs 24/7. Literally winter means wearing clothes which cover basically every inch of my body so whose realistically going to know if I have shaven legs or not? Plus I've been going through razors like no tomorrow and they aren't exactly cheap!

005 Lighting Candles
Okay, I know people do this all year round and I'm one of them but I just feel candles are so much more for winter and autumn as they create heat and warmth and add a touch of cosiness to any room. I'm looking forward to lighting as many candles as I want (not that I don't do that now) and not getting weird looks from my parents and not feeling guilty about lighting a candle whilst wishing it would be chucking it down outside for me to get into bed and snuggle up, basically wishing for a typical winter evening.

Is anyone else with me on any of these? I like summer but you do not understand how excited I am for Autumn and Winter and everything that comes with it!
Is there anything you won't miss about summer?

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