Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

You're probably thinking "oh, another post on the new Urban Decay palette? so original" but I wanted to do my own special post on this amazing palette.

As soon as I saw the pictures and heard the rumours of this palette I knew I had to own it. As I'm at university I go out a lot and usually favour a dark smoky eye on nights out. All my other palettes have dark shades but there was always something lacking. In walks the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette and my eyeshadow life is currently complete (until the next new palette comes out anyway). I was slightly worried that this palette would only be able to be used for one thing, smoky eyes, but oh how I was wrong. The palette has a perfect selection of both light, easily wearable shades (aka the ones on the left of the palette), and dark 'smoky' shades to enhance ones smoky eyes (aka the middle shades) and some light shades to act as transition shades (aka the end/right shades). The shades are amazing for deep smoky eye looks but also for everyday 'light' looks (if you want some better swatches definitely go and check this blog post out!). It definitely makes the palette an ideal one to take on a weekend away or something if you know you'll be needing a smoky eye look but don't want to lug a gazillion and one palettes to try to achieve it.

Another amazing thing with this palette is the brush. Most of the brushes in the other UD palettes have been alright but nothing amazing in my opinion but this brush I reach for all the time when doing my smoky eyes as it is exactly what one needs when trying to accomplish the perfectly blended smoky eye. The packaging as well of the palette is like nothing I own. The magnetic close makes the palette sleek and seem more expensive than the other UD Naked palettes. The design of the palette is just amazing and the pictures above literally do it no justice. If you get a chance just go and look at the packaging and you will see exactly what I mean!

Oh and did I mention that you get a leaflet showing you how to do four different smoky eye looks which is so original and nothing that's been seen before in the UD Naked palettes. I think its such a great addition especially for those who want to experiment with smoky eyes for the first time or want to improve or try different variations of the smoky eye. I wish they had put something similar in all of the other Naked palettes as it just gives some more inspiration and also the best way to wear the eyeshadows as well, which I personally find invaluable. 

I can see I'm going to be getting a lot of use out of this palette, especially when I am back at university (especially during freshers week) and will at least know that my smoky eye will be on point! I would 100% buy this palette again and do not regret buying it. Its one of those palettes that won't be for everyone but is definitely one for me.

Have you managed to get a hold of this palette yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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