University Update # 4: Finishing Second Year

I've been a bit haywire with blogging recently, and trust me that was not an intentional. I had a plan of posts I was going to upload across May but life just got away from me and before I knew it I had no blog photos prepared and no blog posts written and no time to dedicate to doing either of these things. As you'll know blogging is a hobby of mine, I don't earn from it but I also have other commitments such as being a student and having a part time job and obviously when push comes to shove the blog has had to take a back seat. But I'm glad to be back in the swing of things and I have lots of posts that I just cannot wait to write!

So as you can gather from the title I have finished my second year of university! If you follow me on Twitter (@beautyandmexo) you would have known this as I have basically been posting a lot recently! Anyway I had an assignment due in at the end of April and then I had 3 exams between the 10th and 12th of May. To say the last month has been a bit hectic is an understatement. In terms of my exams some went really well and one just didn't go well at all, luckily that was my last exam so I knew I could grab a bottle of wine and drown my sorrows! I say I've finished second year but I'm not holding out for results day, and have convinced myself that I may have to resit at least one of the exams but that's something to be worried about in June and not right now.

I am so relieved to have finished! After a very up and down year (which you will know from my previous uni updates posts, which you can read here) my actual degree has actually been the main thing keeping me going. I love my course, I love the interesting things I have been able to learn but more importantly I love my amazing course mates who when I'm with I just forget about everything else and more specifically my living situation. I am so looking forward to next year, mainly because most of my modules are optional modules so I'm actually choosing what I'm learning which I haven't really had an opportunity to do the last two years. But in all honesty I just can't believe I have one more year left at Oxford Brookes, the past two years have gone by far too quickly for my liking and I just don't want this experience to end so soon!

So now I've finished I'm just sitting back and actually relaxing as the last week has been beyond stressful, from having three exams a day after one another to them all being on three different campuses two of which I'd never been to as I've never needed to and both being on opposite sides of Oxford. It's been en exhausting few days to say the least. So what are my plans now? I'm just going to enjoy the time I'm in Oxford before I go back home on the 24th May. I've got so much planned! I've already had a night in with friends drinking wine and getting takeaway (the least we deserved after what we'd just encountered), an actual night out to celebrate our freedom! I've also got a day trip to Thorpe Park planned with the girls on my course, a trip to London with my flatmate, Sophie, lots of meals out, our last Student night of the year and probably a lot more too! I'm so excited for the next week before I go home but I'm slightly concerned that I've left no time to pack my room up! A hurdle I'll tackle when it comes to it!

I'm so relived that I've basically finished second year and cannot wait to celebrate and just enjoy myself before going home for the summer and working my butt off to get some money in my very sad bank account! I may do another update post after I get my results, which is way too soon by the way! But that depends on my results and also whether I have enough to say! For now, this is a farewell to the uni update posts for the year and next time I'll be writing one of these ill probably be back at university for my third and final year! Scary times!

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