Second Year So Far

I thought I ought to do an update post as most of the posts going up on my blog at the moment were scheduled weeks ago as I knew September was going to be a pretty hectic month. I'd go and grab a coffee and get yourself a coffee, this is going to be a long 'un!

7th September 2015
I moved into my second year accommodation today. I am unfortunately not living in a house this year due to the people who I had decided I wanted to live with didn't want the added responsibility of paying rent monthly and having bills as well. Living in Oxford it is expensive but where we are living this year is ludicrous. But hey ho, you live, you learn. We are living in student halls but private from the University which is predominantly filled with second and third year students and a few first years but not many. 

Move in day was very different this year as I have taken my car down to Oxford which I wasn't allowed to do as a first year. I have rented a garage from the council which is near to my accommodation but not as close as I would've liked. But anyway because I bought my car I basically moved myself in on my own. I drove down in the morning with my little Mini filled with boxes and bags with my mum. Its the first time I had driven my car to Oxford and it all went wrong, a light flashed up on my dashboard which meant I had something wrong with my tyre. We had to go off route to a petrol station and in the end to the garage. It was only something to do with the cap which then affected the air pressure, nothing major but delayed us just about an hour as we had no idea what was wrong. I had wanted to get to my accommodation at about 11ish and we ended up getting there just after 12 with the delays. The plan was for me to unpack my car and for my dad and my sister to come down later in the afternoon with a couple of suitcases with my stuff. They ended up arriving literally minutes after us so it was all a bit hectic.

Then it just got worse, I hit my baby, my Mini on a curb (bearing in mind I had just had it over a month at this point) and damaged the alloy, I wasn't hurt but its just so annoying as I am such a careful driver and my car is my baby as I've mentioned and I just got really upset. Its only cosmetic damage that can be easily repaired which I will do when I have the funds but it was just so upsetting. So that added to the stress of the day.

Being reunited with the girls I lived with before was such a nice feeling and definitely improved the day. Seeing as move in day was meant to be such a stress free and easy day as I had planned it so much and knew exactly how it was going to go I think this year ended up being way more stressful than first year!

12th September
The beginning of freshers. Freshers in first year went by so quickly and was such a whirlwind. You obviously move in and then before you know it you are chucked into uni life without having much time to adjust. Moving in a week before freshers this year was so much better. I didn't have to sort and organise my room on the little time I had after enrolment and feeling slightly sorry for myself after the night before. It was all just a bit calm and collected this year. Freshers was crazy but this year we knew all the tricks as such and all of the best places to go and when. Watching all the freshers go around looking a bit like a headless chicken was a bit amusing but also sad because that was only us last year and I can't believe how quickly its gone. Freshers was amazing and crazy and I'm so lucky I got to spend it with amazing people who I also spent it with last year. Just an amazing time and if you ever get the chance to experience freshers I 100% recommend it. I can't believe I only technically have one more freshers left to experience!

19th September
Technically still freshers week but I started back at work on this Saturday. If you didn't know I work for Tesco and luckily they have an amazing student transfer programme. Which means I can transfer between my store at home and a store at university between term times. I don't think I'd be able to survive at university without a job so this is so handy. I'm doing more hours this year. Last year I only did a 6 hour shift on a Saturday and that was it. This year I'm doing an 8 and 1/2 hour shift just on a Saturday. Its great because I need the money but tiring as well. I won't be complaining when payday comes around though! The shift actually went really quickly and everyone was so happy to see me back, it made the shift and the experience just ten times better.

21st September 2015
The beginning of the end. I officially began my second year as a Law student at Oxford Brookes University. It was so daunting and scary, so much more so than last year because this year actually counts to something. Last year I could get away with skimming the reading and doing seminar work the night before but now this is serious and studying law people begin to get so competitive. I'm looking forward to the challenges I'm going to face though and I have such a great group of friends both on and off of my course. But yeah, its just the beginning but I'm excited to see where this year takes me. I already have so much work to do but I am determined to start the year as I mean to go on and that means organised and collected and stress free (well kind of, move in day was a blip!).

So a bit of a rambly update post from me today which I haven't done in forever but an update was well overdue so if my posts are lacking for any reason it will be because I have started back at university and getting used to the routine of studying full time, having a part time job and blogging part time too!
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