Slimming World Update #1

If you haven't seen my first Slimming World post you can read it here, but today seeing as its nearly been a month since I've informed you of my journey I thought it was time for me to share how I've been getting on.

So what has been happening? Last time I had informed you all that in 8 weeks I had received my 1 Stone award which I was so so happy of. It's kind of been a stressful time after that so let me fill you all in.

I weighed in on the 31st August and had lost 2lbs meaning I had lost 1Stone in total and to be honest its kind of gone down hill from there! The following week I had to weigh in on Wednesday 9th September as I moved back to Oxford for University on the Monday and the group I have transferred to weighs in on Wednesday. When I moved in everything that could've gone wrong did (a whole other post on that to come) and so stress just took over and the diet went out of the window for a couple of days. I did lost 1/2lb that week but I still have no idea how.

Fast forward a week and it was Freshers, I'd been drinking way more than I should've been not really keeping an eye on the syns I was having for the week and roll on the 16th September I put on 2 and 1/2 lbs. It was inevitable I would put weight on and I was expecting it but its just so upsetting seeing it on the scales as I had basically undone the work of the past two weeks in one week. I know I can bring it back and I will but its just so disheartening, its my first ever gain, I've maintained once but to actually gain was just something else. After a pep talk from my mum (whose been my rock in this whole journey) who kept saying "but you are nowhere near where you were at the beginning" and "its a blip, its not like you didn't know why you gained" I was determined to be back on track and have a good loss the week after.

Now we move onto the 23rd September and I weighed in again and I've lost 1lb, not a massive loss but something I definitely needed to get me back on track with Slimming World! I did treat myself to a well deserved Terry's Chocolate Orange and a Hot Chocolate for cheat and cannot wait for the next week as I'm really going to be on plan!

I still have a really long way to go but now that semester has begun again and I've got work to do I'm hoping to get back into a proper routine and finally be completely back on track. I want to lose so much more before Christmas! Another update post will be up next month!
How has your Slimming World journey been going?

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