Handbag Heroes

I often see people do What's in my Bag posts/videos and even though you can see what they keep in their bag the things I am often interested in are the beauty products they keep in there. So today I am doing a post dedicated to those beauty products that are in any one of my handbags, my Handbag Heroes.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid
I am obsessed with antibacterial gel, I go through it so quickly and keep it everywhere. I often opt for Soap & Glory's version, despite being a bit more expensive, the smell is amazing and lingers, I've often been complimented on this as sometimes people think its my perfume its that strong a scent! Other anti-bacterial gels are good but often, for me, smell a bit too much of alcohol and can dry out my hands terribly, luckily this one doesn't, no matter how many times a day I use it!

Nivea Soft
I've mentioned in a Favourites post before and I love it. Its a great versatile product which I can use on my hands which sometimes can get quite dry particularly around my nails and I can also use this on my elbows and arms which get dry in the colder months.

Tangle Teezer Compact
I don't often need a hair brush when I'm out and about but in the UK it's really windy particularly in the colder months and my hair tangles easily so this is a must plus as its meant to be used on the go it doesn't get damaged in my bag or damages anything in my bag which is  a plus. 

Carmex Lip Balm
I didn't mean for this but these are all kind of tailored more towards the colder months, which is good I suppose as Autumn and Winter are well on there way in the UK. Anyway, a lip balm is a must in my handbag all year round but even more so in the colder months as now I'm back at university I have to rely on either public transport or walking everywhere and walking makes my lips get chapped due to the cold. I have trusted Carmex for years and so there is always a tube of this floating around somewhere in my handbag.

I always have a pack of these in my handbag, the one thing I cannot stand is having bad breath and not being able to do anything about it when you're out and about. They're so compact they fit into any size bag and are super affordable so I pick them up on most shopping trips. These have also become a necessity on nights out (alcohol breath is vile, especially after having your third tequila or sambuca shot!).

Carex Cleansing Wipes
This is one for all those who cannot go into town without going into their local Boots and swatch a few things, (maybe a whole hand full of things!) which I do at least once a week and I hate not having something to be able to rub all those swatches, the red hand look is not something I aim for. I keep these in my car too but these are great whenever you are on the go especially for a beauty addict like myself!

What are your Handbag Heroes? Do you keep anything I've mentioned in your handbag?

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