Slimming World Update #4

Another month draws to an end so another Slimming World Update is upon us. This month has been really weird for me, weeks where I thought I would lose I gained and weeks when I thought I'd lose I gained. My body must just be having one of those moments. Now Christmas is past us (seriously it went by way too quickly!) I am going to be back on the Slimming World bandwagon with a vengeance but until there read further to see how I got on in December.

 Wednesday 2nd December 2015 // I was fed up of gaining and maintaining so gave myself a kick up the bum and started my very own Slimming World Instagram account, my username is @paiges_sw_journey and I post all of my meals and snacks on there. I found it really helped to keep my on track and it did and I lost 3.5 lbs in one week, all I had gained last month and more. So happy and proud of myself.

Wednesday 9th December 2015 // A week of being good again however, I had assignment deadlines and as it was the last time I would see my course mates for the year we went out for dinner to celebrate. We went to Pizza Express and I had a main, dessert and a Bailey's coffee all within my daily allowance. We then went out for Cocktails and it all went a bit downhill so I wasn't surprised to see a 0.5 lb gain, but after such a big loss the week before I could deal with that.

Wednesday 16th December // A bad week kind of. After last weeks weigh in I went out as it was my last night out in Oxford before coming home for Christmas and I consumed a lot of alcohol (mainly tequila) and a lot of crap food. I felt bad and guilty so had a few Syn free days then I went to London with my mum for a night from Sunday to Monday. We both said we didn't want to go completely off the bandwagon but still wanted to enjoy ourselves so we tried to make some good choices but I wasn't sure it would be enough. I also started going to a gym at home to mainly swim as I wanted to get a bit more toned and go swimming as I loved swimming as a child so hopefully that will help. I somehow managed to lose 1lb this week and I honestly don't know how, I can only think its because the amount of walking we did in London, but I'll take it and be happy with it. 

Monday 21st December // Weighed in on a Monday today as that's the group I go to usually when I'm at home. I was expecting a gain so wanted to weigh in a couple of days earlier to catch it in the bud so then I could get back on plan. Inevitably I did gain but only 0.5 lb and I was expecting a bigger gain. I think its because I've been going swimming lots, which I'm really enjoying but being at work didn't help when I was getting crap breaks so was getting hungry and then they were handing out free chocolate so my will power went out of the window. Next weigh in is after Christmas and I so want a loss, so praying I can food optimise to the best of my ability even with a couple of nights out and obviously Christmas Day thrown into the mix. Now just to see what next week brings.

Monday 28th December // The dreaded post Christmas Weigh In. I was dreading this, I didn't eat too  bad and did food optimise but on Christmas and Boxing Day I was nibbling on chocolate and eating things I shouldn't. So it was a massive surprise when I stood on the scales and had lost 1 lb! I am so happy and just need to get back on it and hopefully have a loss again next week too! 2016 will be the year I will finally be happy with my body!

So that is my last Slimming World post for 2015! I can't believe I have stuck to it so well and have lost a total 1 Stone 5 1/2 lbs! I am so over the moon and despite not being anywhere near where I want to be I know I'm on the right track to achieve my target in 2016! I will be continuing these posts in the new year and I do want to venture out and do more Slimming World posts as it is a complete part of my life now. 

I know the New Year brings people in the new mind set of a healthier/slimmer version of yourself, if any of you are interested in joining Slimming World I would 100% recommend it! My mum, who joined at the same time as me has just hit her target and has lost over 3 Stone since July and it is so so easy!

Do you do Slimming World? How is your journey going so far?

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