Vloggers You Should Follow: Vlogmas Edition

A bonus post from me today, I never usually post on a Monday. Something a bit different today, I've never shared on my blog any of the blogs, or YouTube channels that I enjoy to read and watch and seeing as it is December there are a lot of YouTubers doing Vlogmas so I thought I'd share my top six YouTubers to watch at this time of year.

Corrie @ Dizzybrunette3
 I love Corrie's blog and I never realised she had a YouTube Channel and I'm so glad I found it. I have been loving her vlogmas videos so far and her dog, Frank, is so adorable! If you've never watched her videos you definitely should they are amazing and her vlogs are so down to earth as well.

Fleur @ FleurDeVlog
I love Fleur's vlogs and have been watching her main channel, FleurDeForce, for years and her vlogmas is so good, she never seems to not be doing anything! Her relationship with her husband, Mike, is adorable and her dogs are so cute! Little fact she actually is from near me and I have spotted Mike in the Tesco where I work at home!

Lily @ Lily Pebbles
Lily's blogs are so well edited and are so good. I love how she doesn't hide anything and if she feels like crap or is having a down day she doesn't try to hide it. I love how she now has her own flat and the dilemma they had trying to find a tree. Go and check her out if you haven't watched her vlogmas videos!

Jess @ JDRVlogs
Jess I actually know personally, and she is one of my closest friends and her videos on her main channel, JDRMakeUp, are some of my favourites and the fact she recently has started her own vlogging channel is amazing! I love her vlogs and she is most definitely the most Christmassy youtuber I am watching at the minute! The fact she has so many Christmas Trees makes me jealous. Plus her vlogs are usually quite long and is something I long to watch after a long day!

Sophie @ SophieBelle
Sophie is a recent discovery of mine and her Weekly Vlogs are so good and I was excited when she declared that she was doing Vlogmas. She is always so so happy and the fact she loves Disney as much as me is great! I've been loving watching her baking fails and her daily advent calendar openings. If you want to watch a set of vlogmas videos that are feel good definitely go and check hers out, they never fail to put a smile on my face!

Lily @ Lily
Lily is one of my favourite youtubers both for her main channel, Lily Melrose, videos and her vlogs which really doesn't get enough credit. Her vlogs are so realistic (if that makes any sense) and I just love how it feels like I really know her and I love her car sing-a-longs to BMTH. Her vlogs are often short and sweet but they are the perfect insight into her daily life and her wardrobe is something I envy!

So those are my favourite YouTubers whose Vlogmas videos I love to watch. I would 100% recommend you go and check them out if you've never watched them before. This is by far my favourite time of year to watch YouTube as the content is just so amazing and Christmassy and basically any excuse to be nosy into peoples lives by watching their Vlogmas!
What are your favourite YouTubers for Vlogmas?

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