September's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is one which should be known by all who love nail polish and who are really impatient when you spend forever painting your nails then you do something and smudge it then have to start all over again. It's just a chore! So this beauty tip should be helpful to all those fellow impatient nail painters

This months beauty tip is:

Dipping Wet Nails Into Cold Water

Now, you might be thinking she must be mad...and I thought this was mad to begin with that was until I tried it. It's something I didn't originally think would work, but it does! I was going to fork out nearly £5 to get one of those quick fix instant nail drying sprays I'm so glad I didn't though. Seriously all you do is paint your nails like normal get a bowl of water or sink full of water whatever suits you and just dip away, then apply top coat and repeat if you want. 

Hope this has helped anyone who is as impatient as me, would love to hear what you think of this if you have tried it out before.

Have you used this beauty tip before?

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