Back to School | School Supplies Haul

I thought it was time to do my School Supplies haul. However, I didn't buy that much simply because since doing GCSE I had a lot of things already so I will probably do an overall school supplies post explaining what I already have and all that jazz. 

I did buy all of this with my own money, which I did earn as I do have a job, so please no hate.

Me and my friend a couple of weeks ago went stationery shopping as we both love stationery and could spend hours in a stationery shop. We did once when we went looking for books though. I do probably think I got a bit too much stuff, but never mind I can find a use for it somewhere else.

Enough ramblings from me...

Lever Arch Files x4 97p each | Spotty A5 2012 - 2013 Academic Diary £2.48 | Hole Reinforcements 23p

As I have already said I bought all this with my own money and this isn't all of my stationery as I have already got some leftover from last year, which I will detail in another post about all of my stationery supplies and why I personally think they are essentials. Keep an eye out!

Have you bought any school supplies yet?
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