Back To School | First Day...


I just thought I'd write a little post telling you all how my first day of Sixth Form went and being an official Year 12.

It was weird being back at school seeing as I've had about 12 weeks off, but it was good being back. So tired after today though, didn't realise how tiring it was going to be!

I got my timetable and school planner today, which is a lot better then I prepared myself to think it would be. My timetable is alright I have 13 free lessons (or study lessons as they like to call them) over a fortnight. Most of my lessons are doubles though (double history = kill me now) which I can hopefully survive through.  Scary to think that in a couple of months I will be sitting some of my first AS exams...eek!

Anyway, overall it was a good day. Classes seem alright so far and I think I'm going to have some laughs in lessons, not quite looking forward to the work load...but it's what I signed up for so can't really complain.

Hopefully I will posting a few more posts after the look out!

Did you have a good first day back?
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