Back To School | What's in my Pencil Case?

Today I thought I'd do a bit of different version of the usual "what's in my school/hand bag?" post and thought I'd show you what's in my pencil case...don't worry there will be a what's in my school bag post next week after I have been at sixth form for a while.

Pencil Case | WHSmith Page Markers | Pencil Sharpener | Mini Scissors | Rubber | Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse | 9 Staedtler  Coloured Biros | 2 Staedtler Highlighters | 4 x BIC Black Biros | 15cm Ruler | 4 x Staedtler HB Pencils

Just a short but sweet post from me today. I have got a lot of posts planned over the next few weeks both beauty related and some more back to school posts.

What is in your pencil case?

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