Colouring Books for Adults

 The past year has seen a rise in popularity for adult colouring books. I for one used to love colouring and when I saw this latest trend I knew I needed to get in on it and so saw the start of my adult colouring book collection.

The world today is very gadget based, with everyone spending the majority of the time glued to their smartphone, tablet or computer. I think its important to remember to switch these off and take a bit of time away from the technology. This was something I was particularly trying to do around exams to give my brain a break and to wind down in the evening to improve my sleep pattern. 

Colouring is surprisingly really therapeutic and passes the time really well. In the evening when I find myself at a loss or watching TV and need to my hands busy so I don't stuff my face with food I grab a colouring book and my colouring pencils and just colour away. I have a variety of colouring books, two which I bought myself and two which I received as presents for my birthday and christmas.

I've found I like intricate designs, something that takes precision as I find otherwise I get bored. I really like Millie Marotta's Books, she has so many and they are all so good! I've bought most of her range and gifted them to friends and family for birthdays and christmas presents. Another favourite of mine is the Mindfulness Colouring Book, theres no theme to the book, just random pictures and patterns to colour which I personally think is great plus the book is compact so is handy to take travelling or on the go.

The things you actually use to colour with are also very important, in my opinion anyway. I've tried a variety of pens and pencils from felt tips to fine liners to colouring pencils. As much as I love fine liners I find they can be quite messy but are the best for bold colouring or really small, intricate parts as they are so thin. But I definitely prefer colouring pencils, the pack I have has so many different colours (I think theres five different shades of yellow!) which you can't always get in fineliners without spending a fortune!

Overall I think Colouring Books for Adults are absolutely great. They help pass the time really well, ideal for destress or when you just want some quiet me time where not much thinking is required. I find I prefer colouring in the evening as the perfect activity to do to wind down before going to bed. 

Colouring Books vary in price and design but I've found the cheapest place to get them and a wide variety are on Amazon.

Have you tried Adult Colouring Books, if so, what are your thoughts on them?

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