February Highlights

Another month of 2016 has been and gone, a lot has happened, some good some bad, but today we are just focusing on all the good and positive things that have happened throughout February!

Getting a 2:1 in my EU Law Assignment // I had a lot of assignments due in at the end of 2015 and most of the results wouldn't be given out until our semester began which was this month. I study law and it is as difficult as everyone makes out it to be but for me my worst module this year has to be EU law. I just don't understand it all, it doesn't interest me so I'm not motivated by it. So you can imagine my surprise when we got handed back our assignments on the first day back at university and my little sheet said I had 64% meaning a 2:1 (basically a B grade), I am so relieved especially as some people did fail and I've just got to start believing more in myself and what I am capable of because so far I've got good results in all of assignments, which is good!

Getting a 2:1 in my Criminal Law Assignment // Another good assignment result. This one was only worth 15% so I got in my head that if I didn't do well it wasn't the end of the world as I could build it up with other things. I am so relieved though, doing well in this is just an added bonus and was definitely a great start to the month of February and the second semester of second year!

How to Be Single // This film came out on the 19th and me and my uni best friend, Sophie, have been wanting to see it since the first trailer came out and decided to prebook tickets to watch it on the day it came out! It was such an amazing film, basically any film with Rebel Wilson is amazing! I laughed so hard, it was the perfect start to the weekend and the perfect way to end a crappy couple of days! Things like this just make me realise how much the little things really do make a difference.

My Family Coming To Visit // My parents and my sister came to visit me in February, it was so weird as I had gone from seeing them everyday for seven weeks to not seeing them for a month. I only facetimed them once in this time as well which was really unusual not seeing their faces! I did still talk to them, my mum I would text or ring daily but still it's so weird. It was so nice seeing them, not just because they bought me food and some clothes I'd forgotten but because this year I've really struggled not seeing them and uni has been getting to me a lot more which makes it harder when you don't have family just in the next room. I'm now not going to see them until I go home for Easter on the 20th March which feels like forever away but I get three weeks off and it will be my birthday when I'm at home so it will be worth it!

Sorting a House out for Third Year // So if you saw my Thoughts I Had Whilst Looking For A Student House post you can tell it was definitely a stressful situation, but we have now signed lots of documents, paid the admin fees and just need to pay the deposit and the house is ours! I am so excited to actually be living in a proper house next year! It's expensive but not as expensive as what I am paying now! Is it too early to start planning how I'm going to decorate my room!?

February may be a short month but it has been jam-packed full of positive things! I can't believe its nearly March but I'm excited to see what it brings!

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