Throwback: Favourite Favourite TV Shows

Since turning 20 and saying farewell to my teens and childhood and hello to adulthood I have become quite the retrospect. I was sat browsing Netflix and realised how different childrens TV is today compared to what I grew up watching. Seeing as its a Thursday it only seemed right to do a Throwback Thursday of all my favourite TV shows I used to love watching as a child.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
I grew up watching this as a child and loved it. I've watched a few episodes since getting older and I still love it! The earlier seasons are definitely my favourite when Sabrina was in High School. If you didn't watch this a child you missed out. If you couldn't tell it was all about this teenager called Sabrina who just found out she was a witch and you go through her life with all the struggles a normal teenager would face with school, boys and friends and then the added thing of trying to control her powers. I still love Melissa Joan Hart today as an actress and love her specifically in Holiday in Handcuffs and Melissa and Joey!

Saved By The Bell
I can't remember how I got into this exactly but I just remember loving it as a child. Zak was obviously swoon worthy (and still is today!). I loved the whole dynamic of the show and of course the crazy fashion as well! The films when they came out were also amazing. The later series when they were at college I wasn't crazy about but the original was a complete favourite of mine as a child/teen!

Lizzie McGuire
I was very lucky when I was younger that we had Sky which meant we got Disney Channel and the TV shows that bought and of course the Disney Channel Original Movies. One of my all time favourite shows was Lizzie McGuire, I loved how she wasn't perfect, she was constantly embarrassing herself and was oblivious to the fact her best friend was in love with her. It felt very real and just hilarious. The Lizzie McGuire Movie is still one of my favourites to this day!

That's So Raven
This show was really random and the face Raven pulled when she got a vision was hilarious but I loved this show (I'm basically just repeating myself!). The family dynamic and the drama and the most random situations Raven got into because of her visions were brilliant. She always managed to have get dressed up in the most ridiculous outfits! 

Drake and Josh
This was such a feel-good TV show. The comedy in this was so good between the two step-brothers and of course not forgetting the 'evil' sister Megan. I loved the family dynamic of this and of course Josh's love for Oprah, Oprah! I so wish this didn't end when it did as I can imagine it would be a show I would still love today to flick back and watch!

I'm going to leave it there today but there are so many other shows I could mention as well! TV was just so good when I was younger!

What were your favourite childhood TV shows?

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