Slimming World Update # 9

Long time, no update.

May was a write off for me. Exams and university was a massive struggle and despite trying to be on plan when you're revising and nothings going in you just want to comfort eat and chocolate and crisps and ice-cream becomes a girls best friend. After two weeks off and over-indulging and just enjoying myself I put on 4 lbs at my weigh in on 18 May. It was the push I needed. I have now lost my stone award, which I have never done since achieving it and I so desperately want it back!

Also in other news there is a whole new Facebook group for bloggers who do Slimming World, which was thought up by the lovely Sophie Rose who has recently joined Slimming World herself. The page, which you can join here, is so amazing and there is so much support from like minded people with no judgment. There is also a new hashtag specifically for bloggers who following Slimming World which is #BloggersDoSW so get involved, its been so great talking to other people and getting motivation and inspiration outside of my SW group!

Back to the SW update ...

After putting on 4lbs (which I was surprisingly chill about!) I have been back on it. I moved back home from university the week after so my mum has been super supportive and we've been back on it like we were last summer. Also leading up to moving back home I didn't have a lot of time to think about food as it was basically Go, Go, Go. With packing up the room I'd been living in since September, and work and just trying to still be social. Which I couldn't be happier with in all honesty otherwise I would've just carried on eating until I got right back where I started last July.

Now onto the last couple of weeks (you can keep more up to date by following my SW Insta here) weigh ins....

Wednesday 25 May // I wasn't expecting anything amazing this week. I really would have loved a 2 lb loss but after a stressful couple of days of moving out of my university accommodation and basically refusing to buy anymore food before I moved I was happy with a 1.5 lb loss. I'm not expecting anything amazing for the following week though as its only 5 days before weigh day but we shall see.

Monday 30 May // Star week made an earlier appearance this week. I am on the pill but I think after moving and probably not taking all my pills at the right time everyday its confused my body. I am annoyed at myself for this as it does affect my weight loss. Anyway I gained 0.5 lb. I'm frustrated but I've bought a countdown and my mum and I are completely back on the Slimming World bandwagon. I've drawn up a meal plan and am determined to get back into it! Also I'm back at work and finally have a routine back into my life so hopefully all should be good next week!

Monday 6 June // A good week this week. I posted most of meals on my SW insta (@sw_paigesjourney) and also kept a food diary which I haven't done in ages! It obviously helped me though as I had a 3 lb loss. I was over the moon, I feel I finally have my mojo back! I want to get to 10 stone by the beginning of July so this was a great start to the month! I also bought a 6 week countdown to keep me motivated! So excited to be losing weight again though, I feel so much better for it!

I am so glad to be back on the SW bandwagon. I have nothing to get in my way and I so desperately want to get to target before I go back to university in September!

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