10 Thoughts I Had Whilst Looking For A Student House

A bit of a different post. It's that time of year where most students are looking for a house for their second and third years of university. I never had to do this last year as I am currently living in student accommodation again which is mainly for second and third years. Anyway next year I am living in a house with two girls off of my course and searching for a house is so stressful and so frustrating! I thought I'd share today 10 thoughts I personally had whilst searching for a house this year.

 #1 Oxford is so expensive

#2 Why are three bedroom houses are so difficult to come by!?

#3 Why couldn't there be four of us?!

#4 Looking at houses is boooring

#5 Estate agents are useless

#6 Boys live like actual pigs

#7 I'm going to be so poor next year

#8 This is so stressful

#9 I'm going to be homeless next year

#10 I just want an alright house, is that too much to ask!?

Okay, so we have now got a house, we've ended up going with the one my friends are currently living in basically as it was our best option and it was just easier as well we are getting so much more for our money then any other houses we looked at. It's been super stressful and I'm glad to say hopefully I won't have to do anything like that anytime soon again. 

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