Review // Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Lotion

With pure cocoa butter, moisturises to help restore dry skin to reveal its natural glow.
Moisturises to help restore dry and dull-looking skin.
Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel.

I picked this up basically because it was inexpensive and looked promising. It was a time when I had run out of all my body lotions before Christmas but didn't want to go and purchase a really expensive moisturiser as I knew I was getting one for Christmas. 

This has a really artificial scent, which I personally do not like love. I am a lover of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter so the scent of that compared to this is nothing in comparison. But that is down to personal preference as I know a lot of people find the Palmer's scent to be too overpowering.

The moisturiser itself is lightweight and is easily absorbed into the skin. I opt to use this if I shower and moisturise in the morning as it is basically just quick and easy to use. I do find that if I over apply this (which can easily be done when moisturising your body) that it can feel quite greasy. 

In terms of the moisturising the skin I do feel like it does this, of course it isn't compare to a thick, luscious body butter, but for a quick burst of hydration this is great. I don't get the whole 'restores dry and dull-looking skin' as my skin doesn't look any different it just feels smoother.

Overall, this is an okay product. Not something I would probably pick up again once I've ran out. But for a cheap fix this was great and is great for those who just want to be able to slap something on their skin and go or who wants to get into a better body care routine.

This retails at £3.49 for a 200ml bottle.

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