What's in My Bag | University Edition

Now I've been back at university for a couple of weeks and lectures are in full swing (unfortunately, so wish I could be a fresher again!) I thought I'd share with you what I keep in my bag on a day to day basis. This does vary though depending on my day and how long I'm going to be gone out of my flat so what I need varies as with anything. But on a typical day this is what I have in my university bag.

The bag I use is quite an old one, I've had it for about two years now but its the infamous Zara Office City Bag which everyone and there grandmother owned, I never really used it when I first got it but this year I found myself loving this bag again. Its the perfect size to hold A4 documents and its not too big for me to just keep loads and loads of junk in it weighing down my arm. This also has an over the shoulder strap which I sometimes use when I'm walking from my flat to lectures. Anyway, enough about the bag and more about what I actually keep inside it!

Okay, so as I am at university I do need to actually take things to take notes with in my lectures. I like to keep my notes quite organised and much prefer writing them by hand then with my laptop so I love using Project Books, this one was actually from Tesco. I do four modules a semester (aka four separate topics/subjects) so these are great as one tab can be used for each module and one for for meetings I have to attend or any other important information.

I then have a small A5 notebook for my seminars, I write up all my seminar prep on my laptop and print it off but if there are some things that I've missed or need to write down having a separate notebook definitely helps. I use the same notebook for all my modules as I don't have to write a lot in my seminars. I also take an A4 document wallet to keep my paperwork in that I need to take with me or in case we get given some documents in lectures that I need to keep safe. It fits perfectly in my bag and looks super cute too, I picked this one up from WHSmith and I have it in blue too!

Of course to actually take notes I need some writing implements of some sort. I carry them all in this slim pencil case, I find I don't need many pens for just my lectures so only carrying a slim pencil case works perfectly plus it doesn't take up a lot of room! I also carry around a couple of memory sticks because you never know when you might need one!

I always take my purse with me, I never know if I'll go into town after lectures or if I'll go to Starbucks to buy a coffee to keep me awake and its just always worth taking with me. I also take my travel pass case which holds my Student ID, my bus pass and my rail card. I always walk to lectures as it takes about 15 minutes but if I go into town or if its chucking it down with rain I definitely need my bus pass to be able to get the bus for free (buses are so expensive!). Of course my iPhone is in my bag as it is always attached to my side, I feel completely lost without it! My flat keys are also always in my bag.

I don't carry a lot of like 'beauty products' when I'm going to lectures because most of the time I am only out of the flat for four hours maximum and I can survive without touching up my lipstick or powder. However, I always have a mini pack of tissues, some anti-bacterial gel, my travel tangle teaser (walking to lectures can cause some crazy stuff to go on with my hair) and my holy grail hand cream, Nivea Soft. 

Some things that are often in my bag but aren't pictured above is a bottle of water, I drink so much water in lectures (mainly to keep myself awake but at least I'm keeping hydrated!) as well as often a snack bar of some sort because sometimes I do get really hungry and I always have some plasters on hand as well as some pain killers (9am lectures after a night out are super painful sometimes!).

So that what was my What's in My Bag: University Edition, I will be doing in the future somewhen a Going Out edition of What's In My Bag!
What do you keep in your university bag?

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