What's in my School Bag?

I must apologise as I did promise this to you all a while back, but I had problems with my school bag that it was on the verge of breaking after just a month so had to take it back and get a full refund, so have been using my typical handbag for school since but the other week my new school bag arrived from Zara, which many of you will have seen or heard about before; but you'll just have to read on to find out more!

Zara Bucket Bag £19.99

Obviously what's in my school bag differs day to day based on the lessons I have on that day. But the majority of this is in my bag all of the time.

Spanish Dictionary I had Spanish and always forget to get my dictionary out of my locker so just keep it in my bag for the majority of the week

Hair brush This for obvious reasons, especially with the weather being really windy, knotty hair not nice. I really ought to get a small one or a travel one to keep in my bag.

Journal I did buy myself a planner but the school actually gave us decent ones for a change, I use this to jot down homework, work hours, exam dates, homework/assessment grades all sorts.

Pain Killers I am the person at school who is prepared for everything, the person everyone comes to for pain killers. It's a must as I get headaches often and often have quite bad stomach aches (girls you know what I mean!)

Plasters As I am now in Sixth Form we can wear whatever we want (well...pretty much) meaning I have quite a lot of new shoes and you never know when they are going to rub or if you ever need a plaster.

Chewing Gum This is a must have in any bag of mine, especially after eating something I get quite paranoid about my breath so best to be on the safe side

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Butter  Another must have, never know when your lips are gonna be a bit dry especially with the colder weather which is making an early appearance.

Poetry Booklet For English Literature we have to do poetry so always carry it with me when I have English

Purse Our sixth form block is separate to the rest of the school so we have a key card to get into the block, so have my purse on me to keep it in, also we can go out at break and lunch and always handy to have some money on yourself.

Glasses I need glasses if I'm reading a lot so often having double English I find myself putting them on quite a bit, but they stay in my bag all of the time.

Keys I obviously need these to get back into my house after school if no one is in and it has my locker key on it for school and my clubcard.

iPod When I have quite a lot of frees it sometimes helps to block out other people especially if they don't have any work and you do, once again a staple in my bag.

Carex Bacterial Hand Gel Once again obvious why I have this on me and also a staple in any bag.

Pocket Tissues Again another staple and must have

Sociology Textbook  The heaviest text book I own, such a pain to lug around with me

Stripy Notepad I write a to do list on Monday morning in registration for the school related tasks to do for the week, so handy to get out in lessons instead of getting my journal out all of the time, if you are doing a levels I would recommend doing this 100%

Coffee Sachet We have a kitchen in our sixth form block and can make ourselves drinks throughout the day, instead of putting money into a kitty to get milk, coffee, sugar I bought this coffee sachets with milk,sugar and coffee in powder form, you just add hot water perfect whilst I'm at school.

Hollister Laguna Beach Body Mist Wish they'd do these in travel forms! They smell heavenly and are my everyday choice of body spray if I don't wear perfume. 

Bottle of Water Need to stay hydrated!

Pukka Pad Project Book I currently use this to jot all my notes down for all of my lessons, but I'm hopefully going to start using folders before Christmas. 

Pencil Case To see what I take in my pencil case click here.

Make-Up Bag I'm going to do a beauty bag essentials post soon so will link that here when it's up.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I really like reading about what people have in their handbags so hopefully you'll like this sort of edition of that post.

What do you have in your school bag? 
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