October's Beauty Tip

I know it's been a while since I have written a post, but I have had some problems with my camera and the lead to connect it to my computer...I am trying to fix it though! I had to use my sisters camera when she wasn't looking...cheeky I know. Well, I am trying to find other ways to get some photos up, so please be patient!

This month's Beauty Tip is one which will probably quite useful for a lot of lovers of beauty like myself.

This months beauty tip is:

Heating Your Eye Lash Curlers

This is quite a basic tip which my mum keeps telling me ever since I started wearing make-up. I have really straight, long eyelashes which is such a pain. Meaning I have to curl my eyelashes before applying mascara, it really opens my eyes up and after heating my eyelash curlers they stay curled all day. I usually heat them up with my hairdryer or in the winter when the heating is on, I put them on the radiator like a couple of minutes before I use them. Another tip if you don't like the idea of using hot/warm eye lash curlers I would recommend after curling your eyelashes to use a waterproof mascara as a base mascara as it does the same job.

Have you used this beauty tip before?
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