May Favourites

Well it's time for monthly favourite posts to make an appearance again. As everyone always says "Last month went so quickly" but for me I am so glad we have seen the back of May. You are probably wondering why, well I had 11 exams in May and only one left this month. Let's just say it's been a stressful May but the beautiful weather England had for like a week did make up for it.

Anyway, enough rambling....

  • Nivea Happy Time Deodorant A weird thing to mention in a favourite I know but this deodorant smells so nice and I would even go so far to say it's my favourite smelling deodorant out all of the ones I have ever used. It does everything a deodorant should do while smelling nice and after the past month  I would even say I enjoyed using this in the morning.

  • 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick - Beehive This lipstick is a hyped up product in the blogging world and after buying it quite a while back I have really liked it as I have really been liking putting something other then lip balm on my lips this month. This doesn't really show up that much on my lips but they look super glossy and feel super smooth afterwards.

  • Benefit High Beam Well this is a product that there is a lot of mixed reactions about. I have really been using this a lot recently and it just adds a subtle shimmer to my cheeks when I feel slightly dead in the mornings and just picks up my face, I also have been trying to use it on the inner corner of my eyes and it looks really nice there too. If you have this product I would recommend trying it out for different uses.

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Transparent With the warmer weather my skin has been getting a bit oily a lot more and I hate my skin looking super shiny, the odd shine or dewy look is fine but full on oil slick face, erg...not for me. This has been the perfect product to keep my oily areas at bay.

  • Estee Lauder Daywear B.B Creme - Light I got this as a free sample a while back, and even though it is still slightly a bit dark for me when we had the beautiful weather in England this was just perfect to put on my face for a school day especially as I spent most of my time in exam halls.

  • Maybelline One by One Mascara - Black I have been switching between mascaras this month and I have therefore been using this one up as it is starting to dry up, but it works better now in my opinion. Makes my eyelashes look long and nice and easy to work with and quick just to chuck on my eyes when I'm n a hurry in the morning.

  • Benefit They're Real Mascara Well, this was in my favourites last month, so I'm not going to say a lot about this except it is a great mascara and one of the best that I have tried.

  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask I have really liked using this on my skin last month, especially as a mask. It opens up my pores and after using my skin felt super soft and super clean too. A great product.

  • Nivea Creme This I mentioned in my Summer Skincare post and I use this for my lips before applying my make up, my lips feel super soft and so does the skin around my lips. It's a thick white cream which is perfect for dry skin at night as well.

  • Aussie Take the Heat Shampoo & Conditioner After trying loads of different shampoos and conditioners these past couple of months I have gone back to my trusted and loved Aussie. This shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel great, protect it against heat products like my GHDs and even though they are quite expensive they last forever as you only need like the tiniest bit!

Few...that was a lot of writing, sorry about that! Well I have been trying to downsize the amount of photos in my blog posts as there always seems to be loads for no reason, so let me know if you like having photos like this.

What's your May Favourites?
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