I usually don't really do 'life' update posts that often, they're usually university related or Slimming World updates. I don't normally feel the need to do a life update that often as I do do other updates about aspects of my life but I feel like one is needed at the minute.

If you are an avid reader of Beauty and Me you would have noticed that I haven't blogged for the majority of June and before then I took most of May off. As many of you will know blogging is a hobby of mine, I don't earn money from it and it has currently taken a back seat. There hasn't been a real reason in all honesty. If anything I just haven't felt like myself since returning home from university for the summer. I feel a bit lost and as a result my blog hasn't been a priority. A few weeks of making time for me (when I can) and just enjoying time off and not putting too much pressure on myself I am back and hope to continue blogging regularly now for the foreseeable future (fingers crossed!)

I'm actually gutted I have had to take such a long break but I've had such bad bloggers block. I am glad to say that is definitely in the past and I've got some exciting plans for the remainder of the summer from university related posts, to Slimming World posts and of course the usual beauty and lifestyle posts that have always featured on Beauty and Me. If you do have any requests make sure to leave a comment on this post or tweet me at @beautyandmexo, as after all I want to write things you'll be interested in reading!

I am happy to be back and glad I did have a break as it was much needed to get back in a healthy frame of mind. Please be patient with my though, as even though I have finished university for the summer I am doing a lot more hours at my part time job and also sending out lots of application forms for jobs after I graduate next year (all very stressful!) but I'm excited to be posting more on my little bit of the internet!

In case you didn't know I post three times a week on a Tuesday. Thursday and a Sunday so check back on those days for new posts!

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