Review - Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2 in 1 Mascara

Well, I bought this mascara a few weeks ago now as when I bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Boots they were doing an offer to get a mascara free and it was this one. I have been using it nearly everyday since I bought it to be able to fully decide about how I much I like this mascara.
 Sorry for the bad quality pictures in advance my camera and lighting was just awful!

I really like this packaging from Bourjois. It's sleek and different from normal mascara packaging.
The handle is really nice with the black and white line pattern, making it distinct in my make up box and 
easy to find. The handle is also a really nice shape and easy to use. It's lightweight and I find I can get a good grip on it. Also because the handle is quite long I can really use it to get a good angle to get into all the hard to reach areas.

The Brush
The brush is made from nylon micro-fibres. I think the brush is really well designed the brush holds plenty of product. The bristles seem to vary in size at the thicker end they seem to be quite long and then get smaller as the brush does. At the end because the bristles are so small I find it really easy to get into the corner of my eye and do my bottom lashes.

The Effect - One Coat
 I did curl my eye lashes before applying this mascara but I think it gives my eye lashes extra length just as the mascara says it should. The formula is really nice it dries quickly but applying an extra coat while it is still wet I find gives it a better effect. My eyelashes look really nice with this on.

The Effect - Two Coats
With the first coat I thought my eye lashes looked long but the second coat really makes a difference. My eyelashes look thicker with the second coat while not looking clumpy and I really got down to the roots of my eyelashes giving them an added definition. The length is amazing. I do have naturally long eyelashes but this mascara helps them look even longer!

Product Summary
A mascara that does what it says on the tin...lengthens and volumises.
I think this is a mascara for anyone who wants to give it a try to achieve length and volumised lashes and is willing to experiment with it a bit more.
This mascara is available from both  Boots and Superdrug for £9.49
It isn't the cheapest drugstore mascara and I have used many better for cheaper the price but if you wanted to try it I can't really find anything bad to say about it...yet! 
But I would recommend it to anyone.

Have you had this mascara before or any Bourjois mascaras?
Would you recommend them?

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