Spread The Love # 2

I did a Spread The Love post quite a while ago now but blogger orientated. As I have been watching a lot more YouTube over reading blogs the last few months I thought it was only right to do a post dedicated to my favourite YouTubers who I always look for first in terms of my subscription box.

Alex at I Covet Thee
 I have always loved Alix's videos but as she was doing Vlune and was uploading a lot more regularly I couldn't wait to see what content she'd bring out next. She was one of the first YouTubers that I started watching and I love that I still watch her videos today. Her haul videos are some of my favourites as well as her daily vlogs especially when they contain her puppy, Moon!

Helen at Helen Anderson and Anderz
Helen was a recent find for me. I found her main channel first and quickly found myself browsing all of her videos one evening and got lost within her content. I love how real she is and how she doesn't sugarcoat things. She's very real. I love that she's done a video on 'How to Buy a House' and things that are relevant to the majority of people in their everyday life. I quickly then stumbled across her vlog channel. You see a lot of Helen's personality in her main channel videos anyway but her vlog channel you just see more of her awesomeness. I loved watching her Trek America vlogs and basically just being nosey into her day to day life! Someone I don't think has enough recognition for either of her channels but she's so amazing and I'm so glad I recently found both of her amazing channels!

Charlotte at Lil Miss Chickas
I came across Charlotte's channel after I booked my DLP trip and went through a stage of binge watching Disney vlogs/videos. I then found Charlotte's Weekly Vlogs which I loved and then all of her normal videos as well. I have been loving her latest vlogs of her Disney World vlogs, which I am super jealous of! I relate so well to Charlotte, I feel we are so similar with a lot of the same interests and that's why I always make sure to watch her latest videos!

Another YouTuber I found on my search for Disney videos/vlogs and if you love Disney you definitely need to check out Ellie's channel! There are so many Disney vlogs from her Disney World trip last October to her Disneyland Paris vlogs from last Halloween and she has so many more to post as well! I also love that she's recently started Weekly Vlogs which I also love! Weekly Vlogs are by far my favourite videos to watch from any YouTuber and Ellie doesn't disappoint. She is also quite open in them as well which allows us a proper insight into her life and week. I'm so excited for her continuous Disney videos and her Weekly Vlogs!

Rhianna at Robwecop
I found Rhianna's YouTube through her blog and she's recently started uploading a lot more. She also Weekly Vlogs (notice a pattern here) which I also love and her main channel videos are also something I always watch too. I love her personality, how she comes across that she doesn't really give a s*** about certain things and isn't afraid to express her thoughts. Someone to definitely check out as she deserves so many more followers especially for the effort she puts into her channel!

Jemma at Dorkface
A very recent YouTuber. I love Jemma I follow her blog and Snapchat and am so happy she's started a YouTube channel. I can tell quite quickly that she's going to become a firm favourite of mine. Again someone who is very real and I feel like we have a lot in common as well. I can't wait to watch her content and channel grow and am so excited to see what she's going to do with her channel!

So a few of my favourite YouTubers at the minute. I will definitely be doing more of these in the future as I have a lot of favourites and it was difficult to limit it down to these few!

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

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