Disneyland Paris Meal Planning

If you read my Disneyland Paris post you'll know I'm off to Disneyland Paris at the end of August with my sister. It's now just under 60 days until we go which means we can now book our restaurant reservations for the time we are there and I thought I'd share with you our plans for whilst we are away.

A quick overview is that we are going from Monday to Friday and with our booking we've got a Plus Half Board Dining Plan. This basically means we can go to most of the restaurants within DLP and can go for either lunch or dinner whilst we are there. We are planning on mainly using our dining vouchers for our evening meals and taking advantage of both the buffet restaurant (which are primarily available on the standard dining plan) as well as the table service restaurants.

Monday The day we arrive we don't get to Disney until about 3pm in the afternoon, we aren't really planning on doing a lot on this day just to mainly get our bearings around DLP again but we will hopefully be going to Annette's Diner which unfortunately you cannot make reservations for which we've kept in mind and if we can't get in there we will wander around Disney Village and go in whatever takes our fancy or go back to our hotel and have a meal in one of the two restaurants available. We chose Annette's Diner though as we remember going there when we were children and just loved how the waitresses were wearing roller skates and of course the food being American themed with burgers and all sorts is right up both mine and my sisters street.

Tuesday We've decided to go to a buffet restaurant on the second night, just to mix things up a little bit and we've decided to go to Plaza Gardens Restaurant, we've never been there before but as it's International Cuisine we are sure there will be something there for us to eat. The good thing about buffets is that we can eat as much as we want to make sure we get through the evenings without being hungry.

Wednesday Another thing we were certain that we wanted to do was have a Character meal and luckily with our meal plan Cafe Mickey is included which means we don't have to pay extra for it. We went there as kids as well and can remember our food being served on frisbees and our desserts in Pluto mugs which we kept for years afterwards. We know it won't be the same now we are both adults but are still excited for the experience of interacting with the characters!

Thursday We decided on going to another buffet restaurant on our last night and were really intrigued by Parkside Diner, it's based in the Hotel New York at DLP which looks amazing and we would have loved to stay at. As it's American Cuisine we know we will love all of the food on offer and going to a buffet restaurant gives us the flexibility that we want in terms of taking as long as we want to sit down and enjoy our food.

Friday Our last day we aren't going to get an evening meal as our train back is just before 4pm. We haven't booked anything as we aren't quite sure if we'll get a dining voucher for this day. So we are going to either go to a Counter Service restaurant for a late lunch or try and get into a restaurant if we get a dining voucher but we'll decide that once we are there.

So that's a rough outline of our meal plan whilst we are there. In terms of lunch we are going to go with the flow and maybe pick something up from a Counter Service restaurant or a quick Service Restaurant. Luckily with our meal plan we do get a teatime treat in the afternoon which includes a snack and a drink.

I've been using the DLPGuide website to help with planning as there are some restaurant menus and ideas, I'd definitely recommend looking there if you want to plan a DLP trip in the future!

I am getting so excited for our upcoming trip as it is quickly coming around. I have a lot before then to look forward to as well but I can see the next month going by really quickly! If you have any recommendations for restaurants or must go places for a quick meal please let me know as we haven't been to DLP in over 10 years!

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