April Highlights

My Birthday Month!

As this was the month of my birthday expect a lot of birthday related highlights even though my birthday was right at the beginning of April I can celebrate it all throughout the month, right?

20th Birthday // So of course I have to start with my birthday. It was on the 4th April and I had a really good day. It was chilled and relaxed and I spent it with my family and I wouldn't have had it any other way. We ate lots of good food and over indulged but it was so worth it!

Wicked // For as long as I've remembered I've always wanted to go and see Wicked in the West End and I've never known why I haven't done it! Well as my parents were really stumped as to what to get me for my birthday and I had no 'big' ideas they decided to buy me tickets to see the show! I went with my mum and technically it was a pre-birthday gift as we went a few days before my actual birthday but I loved it! We went to a matinee so we had the morning and some of the evening to ourselves before and after the show. The show itself was amazing and I am so glad that I've finally been to see it! I definitely want to go and see more shows/musicals in the future including seeing Wicked again!

Catch Up Lunch // I was at home at the beginning of April because of the Easter break and had a few catch ups with people one of them being Jess (Blog here and YouTube here). It was so nice, she gave me a birthday present, which I honestly did not expect and was so grateful! We were at the restaurant for three hours! We just spoke for ages! It was so nice and needed as we have so much in common and text each other all the time! She's probably one of the people who I've got closer to after leaving school which is so nice! We have decided we need to do more things together over the summer too which will be so nice!

Disney Mug and Bath and Body Works Candle // You've probably read this one and are thinking what the actual hell? Well, when I came back to university my flatmate Sophie gave me my birthday present. I was so excited and grateful to see what she had gotten me! The first thing is the cutest Minnie Mouse mug, I have an obsession for mugs and seeing as I'm going to Disney in August she thought this was perfect. The mug itself is huge and is perfect for my morning cup of coffee or a deserved hot chocolate after revision. She also got me a Bath and Body Works candle from her recent trip to Boston. She knows I'm obsessed with Bath and Body Works despite never having been in one! Last year she bought me some body sprays which I am only just finishing and have never been more devastated but anyway this year she got me a candle and it smells amazing! She knows I've had a thing for Salted Caramel recently and found the closest thing that smelt like it. The candle I got is called 'Home' and is amazing especially as it makes me room smell great even when I don't light it! I cannot wait to start burning this (only bit by bit though, need to make it last!) and hopefully if I go to America soon start stocking up on some more scents!

Handing in my last assignment for second year // This year has been difficult, for a number of reasons. But handing in my last assignment for second year was such an amazing feeling. Don't get me wrong I still have three exams to do but handing in this assignment was such a weight off my shoulders. I now can really knuckle down on revision without feeling guilty for not working on it or vice versa. Such a relief and the light is finally at the end of the tunnel for the end of second year!

Captain America: Civil War // I went to see this on the day it came out, and despite not really knowing the main background for it (apart from the fact you were either #TeamIronMan or #TeamCaptainAmerica) I was really looking forward to seeing it. I went with my friend Nav (one of the girls I'm living with next year) who is really into Marvel and superheroes and all that jazz. It was such a good evening as we don't often do anything just the two of us and decided since we had just handed in our assignment it was very much needed. The film was amazing and I really want to go and see it again, which I rarely want to do whilst it's still in the cinema! I don't want to give anything away as its literally just come out but I am going to say I am definitely #TeamIronMan.

A lot of amazing things have happened this month and I am so grateful for doing these posts as I can look back at them and remember all the really good moments of the month! May is going to be a stressful month as I have my final exams for my second year at university but of course I have a lot planned for afterwards that should hopefully feature in next months Monthly Highlights!

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