Slimming World Update #8

A long update post from me today, so bear with me as a lot has been going on this month and my weight and health has taken a back seat.

Wednesday 30 March // I took a decision not to weigh this week, for a number of reasons and mainly because I haven't been in the right mindset in terms of weight loss. I will be weighing next Monday (my birthday!) so I can have a cheeky treat that night, completely guilt free of course!

Monday 4 April // About ten days since I last officially weighed. I have been really good, even over Easter (there was not a single easter egg in the house!) but I did go out on Saturday to London with my mum for my birthday present to go and see Wicked. I ate lots of good food and had a really good day but was still annoyed to have gained 2.5lbs.

Wednesday 13 April // Another ten days between weigh ins, which I don't personally like doing all that much but I seem to have been doing it a lot recently. Anyway, its been a difficult week with having gained on my birthday and then eating some birthday cake and treats and snacks. I did try and be on plan as much as I possibly could. Also I came back to university and getting back into a routine has been difficult, but I'm slowly getting there. I definitely feel a lot slimmer this week, and I need to remember not to focus too much on what the scales say as some days you can lose inches rather than pounds. This week I maintained, but I feel slimmer than when I weighed less which is a win!

Wednesday 20 April // I had a minor lapse on Friday night this week. I felt guilty, gross and reminded myself why I wanted to do this. I comfort eat, and I just needed the comfort of a bar of chocolate, but it didn't make me feel better it made me feel worse. I have been on the green tea like a boss this week and drank so much water. I didn't weigh though, as I literally just had no time and university has taken a priority at the moment.

Wednesday 27 April // I knew it was going to be a gain this week. Yes I've been eating well but I've been snacking as well, and not on good things. Went back to group and gained 3.5lbs. Group was really supportive and I'm going to be on it and going completely back to basics where I was losing every week! I've reread the book, made a meal plan and weighed out all of my treats so I'm super excited to see how the next week pans out!

This has been beyond a difficult month for me. I haven't been in the right frame of mind mentally and after going to the doctors she basically told me to get used to being my shape and weight as I might just stick at this weight, I walked out of there crying. I'm not happy being the size I am, I still feel huge and I know a lot of people would kill to be where I am now but I'm not one of those people. With exams coming up I know its going to be a struggle to stay on plan but I'm determined to try and have as many losses as I can and hopefully get as close to my interim target of 10 stone before going home for the summer, I have just over a month to achieve this! So please bear with me and my journey, as with anything progress isn't always a straight and narrow route, I seem to definitely be taking the scenic route but I know I'll get to where I want to be in the end and if anything I'll be more grateful as I will know how hard I've worked for it!

So a long ramble there but I'm going to keep preserving, as always make sure you check out my Slimming World Instagram over at @sw_paigesjourney. If any of you are doing Slimming World do you have any tips of guidance or motivation as I seem to really be lacking at the moment!

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