March Highlights

March has been a crazy month. I've basically got no lectures anymore as exam season is around the corner and I'm now back at home for Easter break and my birthday. It's been a rollercoaster but there have definitely been some highs.

Pizza and Wine Night // This happened right at the beginning of the month when Sophie (my flatmate) and I decided to go and try out this new place in Oxford. It's called Beerd and it was amazing, they sell all sorts of different ales which you can try before you buy and serve just pizza and lots of bar snacks. Plus they do student discount which is always a win! We ate so much, we overestimated how much we could eat! We both had a pizza each, order a garlic bread pizza and a pretzel with cheese fondue! We did eat most of it though which was impressive! We also had two white wine spritzers to wash it down. The night didn't end there though, we walked into Tesco and bought a bottle of White Wine and lemonade to continue the party at home, which we got into our pjs made gigantic glasses of white wine spritzers and watched The Heat and then Devil Wears Prada. It was such a spontaneous night but it was an amazing night and something we both desperately needed! Nights like these are the absolute best and you don't always need to go to a club and get ridiculously drunk to have a good night!

Booking Disneyland Paris // If you've already seen my Disneyland Paris 2016 post you will know that my sister and I have booked our first holiday alone to Disney in August 2016. I am over the moon and so excited and it has definitely given me something to look forward to in the next couple of months! I am now on a spending ban and am busy saving up for the holiday and my spending money! Any tips and tricks you have would be greatly appreciated!

Exam Timetable Released // For most this wouldn't be a highlight and for me it is and it isn't. Let me explain, my exam timetable actually isn't the greatest but trying to be positive about everything has made me put a positive spin on it. So with the release of my exam dates I now know that I am officially finished my second year of university on Thursday May 12th! This is insane for me as most of my friends don't finish until the middle of June which is when I actually get my exam results! So yeah finding out I finish university sooner than I thought is the greatest feeling and is definitely getting me through revision!

Client Interview Competition // I recently partook in a 'competition' as part of the law school.  Basically we got dressed up in 'workwear' attire which I personally found pretty fun (what's wrong with me!?) and get given one sentence about our 'clients' incident and what they wish to receive. We then just ask them questions and try and tease the full story out of them. It's more interesting that it sounds, promise! It's really good practice, because I wish to be a solicitor, it's basically what I'll be doing as a solicitor when a client comes to me seeking advice. You're in teams which you can choose and it was just really interesting and definitely a really good experience and definitely a good way to end the term before Easter break!

Getting Back to Losing One and a Half Stone // If you follow my Slimming World posts you would have seen from my latest post that I have finally lost enough to regain my Stone and A Half Award! Perfect way to end the month before my Birthday!

Catching Up With Friends // This was an unexpected plan but was so nice nonetheless. I met up with a friend, Gina, on her birthday and I hadn't seen her in well over a year! Was such a nice time to catch up and just talk rubbish for hours! Cannot wait for the summer to be able to do this more often and definitely will not leaving it as long when we next catch up!

A lot has happened this month and I've had so many highlights and it was a great way to end before April and my 20th birthday!

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